Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Unknown Elf: Job descriptions (Plus an announcement)

Okay, so I know that a few positions were mentioned in previous character introductions, and I"d like to give a bit of an explanation on some of them. So, here's the blurb about the Emergency Replacement Specialist, and the Head of Operations.

            The Emergency Replacement Specialist, or ERS for short, is the only one given the authority to act in Santa’s place should he become incapable of keeping up all of his respective duties. This is generally considered temporary, and only occurs in such situations as illness, injury, premature death prior to being able to find a new Santa, and any other absences for whatever reason.  It also involved such responsibilities as helping to keep the North Pole Organization up and running smoothly, making regular inspection rounds of each department with the Head of Operations, and keeping tabs with the supervisors of all the departments inside the North Pole Organization.

            The Head of Operations, or HO, is responsible for the upkeep of all operations within the NPO, including but not limited to security, import and export, upkeep, construction and distribution, as well as acting as an aide to the Head Elf.  He or she is charged with the protection of the Head Elf, as well as being his right hand man, though not as a personal bodyguard.       

            The HO and the ERS work hand in hand to make sure that everything is kept up to speed and in perfect order.  They act as judges in any disputes not settled in private and are occasionally asked to settle disputes in private settings as well.  They are also in charge of the Observer Partner stationings around the world, including the pairing of Observing Partners.

As for the Head Elf, that Jolly Man in Red, his responsibilities aren't limited to that one magical night and all its deliveries. Oh no, friends. It entails much more.

It is Santa's job to head the North Pole Council.

 The North Pole Council (NPC) is comprised of the Head Elf, the Head of Operations, the Security League Head, and the Emergency Replacement Specialist.  This council is the highest level of authority inside the North Pole Organization, with the final say on all decisions made in regards to the running of said organization, including laws, bylaws, and other matters.
It is also Santa's job to keep tabs on all his elves (admittedly he does use the ERS, the HO, and the head of the Security League to help him out with this, along with his secretary.) He also keeps tabs on both the naughty and nice lists, makes the lists of presents for each individual/household, on top of being something like the president of the entire North Pole Organization. Believe me me when I say he is a busy boy.

Something that most people don't know about, or think about, is that Santa also acts as a father figure to those elves who are broken, or have suffered some kind of traumatic experience. Spoiler examples include Clarence and Marie. He is both councilor and a shoulder to cry on. Not to mention being a great listener.

Questions about Santa? Or the North Pole Organization? Post them in the comments below!

And now for the announcement:

You can now order your paperback copy of The Unknown Elf! You can buy it here, or request it from your local retailer!

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