Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Character Introduction: Dena

The next character I'm going to introduce from my book, The Unknown Elf, is Dena, the head of the Security League.

Dena is a younger looking elf. She looks like she's about fourteen in human years, with longish light, brown hair. Her eyes are a nice hazel in color, and she has a clear complexion. In general, she likes to wear darker colored clothes that are easy to move in, in case she needs to do a bit of "butt kicking". As a security chief, you never know.

Dena was voted "the most friendly" as a child, and tends to like being friendly to all around her, unless you're on the wrong side of the law. If that happens, watch out. Competent and down to earth, Dena sees more than she lets on, knows more than she'll admit, and lets things slide that she probably shouldn't, so long as they're minor infractions. She also likes sweets, especially chocolate.

Dena uses her elf magic to help her discern the hearts of those around her, as well as helping to diffuse difficult situations through emotional manipulation. She likes to keep people a bit off guard at times, just to keep an edge on the situation. And her quarters and office show that taste. She uses bold, and sometimes clashing colors in her decor, simply to put people off their guard when they're visiting the Security League offices.

Also quite technologically advanced, Dena likes to economize her space with computers built into her desks, using touch screen technology. She's also a great strategic planner, and excellent at running scenarios.

In her off time, Dena likes to read or spend time in nature. It is her goal to read every last book in the massive library inside North Pole City (which, I'm told, rivals the Library of Congress for collection size). She also likes low key gatherings and parties, always keeping a firm hand, to make sure things don't get out of control.

Clarence admits that Dena could take him down at any time, which is more than true. Dena has studied various forms of martial arts, as well s different combat techniques and all forms of fighting. She works out regularly, keeping a low but healthy weight.

As the head of the Security League, Dena makes up the fourth member of the North Pole Council, with an equal say with the Head elf, the Head of Operations, and the Emergency Replacement Specialist. She often will defer, however, on decisions, unless it is necessary to cast a deciding vote, or break any conflict between members of the Council. She is also an acting member of the League Councils.

In general, Dena keeps a reputation of "doing what she wants", but mostly because what she chooses to do is for the good of all inside the North Pole Organization. Marching to her own drum, Dena's sense of ethics and justice are at a higher standard than most, with the added sense of mercy to smooth over things that are trivial. Over all, she's one great gal that you would rather have on your side than not.

Remember, if you have any questions about Dena, or Clarence, feel free to comment and I will try to answer them next time.

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