Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Character Introduction: Marie (The Emergency Replacement Specialist)

Marie - Marie is the Emergency Replacement Specialist, or, rather, she becomes the E.R.S. (Sorry for the spoilers. Promise I won't give too many away!)

Marie is the unknown quotient in Clarence's "perfect" equation to life. She is mysterious in that she keeps mostly to herself. (Whether out of a sense of self-preservation or something else, I'll let you decide when you read the book.)

In general, she is about five foot three inches tall, with long, dark hair that has natural red highlights. She is about average in build, with hazel-green eyes like bottomless pools, as Clarence would describe them. She likes to wear loose and flowing type clothing that is not restrictive in any way.

As for her personality, she's fairly easy to get along with, once you get past her outer shell. It would be very easy to call her introverted, because she is. She's not likely to ask for outside help, preferring to try and handle her problems on her own. She does have a bit of a temper on her, but only when provoked. And it usually takes a lot to provoke her. And she has the unfortunate habit of bottling her emotions. But, when push comes to shove, she has no problem standing up for herself, so long as she's not fearing for her life.

Marie has lived a life full of hard knocks and misfortunes. The idea that North Pole City offers peace and equality is kind of a new concept for her. As such, she is often overwhelmed by everything, and a bit unsure how to interact or respond to those around her. It would be safe to say that she has some trouble with believing in herself as an individual, something I think most people can relate to.

As far as favorites go, she likes pizza, the usual staples such as bread, milk eggs. Actually, there's probably not much she doesn't like, minus liver, the more exotic foods that involve creepy looking animals (ex. crawfish, most seafood, embryos, sardines, haggis, etc.), but she tries to eat healthy. She does have a sweet tooth, mostly for ice cream related desserts, including frozen custard, frozen yogurt, and Italian ice.

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