Wednesday, September 13, 2023

New upcoming book from DragonKey Press: My Friend, Toggle by Allison Platero

 I would like to announce a new book being released by DragonKey Press, My Friend, Toggle by Allison Platero!



Come with us as we find a friend for toggle the frog. 

Learn about a frog's habitat and eating habits, as well as where you can buy one as a pet.



Available at:  Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble ~  

Allison Platero was born in Southern Utah. She has two sons that love to read, which encouraged her to write books for children. Besides reading to her children, Allison loves to craft. Sewing is her favorite of all the crafts, and inspires her creativity. She loves to make stuffed animals for her boys and friends. Resin casting is also a favorite past time, and she loves using color changing pigment in her work. Allison is an avid lover of reading, particularly fantasy and manga.