Sunday, October 19, 2014

Character Introduction: Rachel

The next character I'm going to introduce from my story, The Unknown Elf, is Rachel.

Rachel is the Head Medic of the Medical League in North Pole City, which is located in the Medical Department section of the Main Office Complex. It's her job to look after the physical, emotional, and mental well being of all who live within the City, as well as the outlying territories, outposts, and other areas associated with the North Pole Organization.

Appearing to be around thirteen or fourteen years old in human years, Rachel is on the shorter side, probably around five foot even, or a little less. She is petite but exudes a sense of health and well-being. She has light colored hair and light blue eyes. Her cheeks are generally always rosy with health.

Speaking of her personality, she's got a bit of "salt and pepper" to her. She's a no-nonsense kind of girl, especially when it comes to her job. She doesn't put up with shenanigans, especially those that could jeopardize the health or safety of any under her care. She also isn't afraid of much, with the possible exception of dogs. She's not a fan. Long story. When it comes to business, she's as serious as can be, with just the right touch of bed manner to soothe the most irate of patients. Just don't cross her and you'll be fine.

In general, she likes to wear high heels, or other shoes that will make her look taller. (She gets a lot of comments over her height.) While at work, she sports a white lab coat over casual wear. Outside of work, she's more of a skirt or dress kind of person. She's an avid reader, mostly of romance novels (clean romance novels), and likes the quiet life where she can just relax when not on duty. As for d├ęcor, she's contemporary in style.

Like most elves, she enjoys a good cup of hot cocoa, but prefers orange juice over all other beverages. She also favors a healthy diet of mostly fruits and vegetables, with limited portions of carbs and proteins.

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