Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Character Introduction: Sandra (Santa's Secretary)

Here's the next character introduction for you.Sandra.

Sandra is the personal secretary to the Head Elf. She's in charge of all the records kept inside the Main Office Complex. Most of those files are related to the various children around the world, as well as their status on the "List", and any personal requests from them for various gifts, etc.

Sandra is very loyal but not always practical. She's also sometimes a bit clueless, though not in a bad way. In general, she's fairly observant. She has no problem taking charge when she has to, but usually prefers not to. She likes being a secretary because it means she doesn't have to be the one leading.

As Santa's personal secretary, she is highly trusted, and is sometimes called in to consult on various matters of importance, though she usually defers to the Head Elf, or to Clarence.

As far as physical appearance goes, she's a blonde, though only in appearance. (She's actually quite intelligent.) Appearing to be around fifteen in human years, she's a little more on par with her superiors for height, standing about five foot four, with gray eyes. She likes to wear casual clothes, usually loose fitting pants with peasant style blouses.

Her favorite color is yellow, and her favorite food is ice cream with caramel sauce. She likes a good action novel, but prefers to not be in the midst of all the action when any occurs.

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