Friday, October 17, 2014

Character Introduction: Santa Claus

All things said, a story about Christmas elves would not be complete without the jolly man in red. Santa Claus, in my world's view of things, is similar to that of the Disney movie, The Santa Clause, except that instead of having some card stuck in the suit that some hapless stranger can find, then put on the suit and become the Head Elf, the next Claus is carefully screened by the North Pole Council before being invited to North Pole City. That being said, the current Santa, in our story, has been at the job for a good number of years. I can't say exactly how many, but enough for him to be on friendly terms with all the elves in the Organization, and to know them all by name.

In general, Santa is an easy going individual. Sporting the usual long beard and mustache look that is classic in the traditional sense, Santa also has hazel-brown eyes that twinkle merrily. His sense of humor is vast, and it takes a lot to get under his skin. It seems, most of the time, that his patience is infinite. It is very rare for him to loose his temper, something that probably hasn't happened in years.

Our current incarnation is a widower, his wife having died before being offered the position as the Head Elf. But the appointment couldn't have come at a better time for him, as it filled the void that his wife left behind, especially since they'd had no children.

Having lived for some time, Santa has acquired a great deal of knowledge and wisdom. He likes to "rely on his gut instincts" a lot. These intuitions are usually backed by Dena, and tend to be right. Introspective and thoughtful, he takes calculated risks, not random chances. And he knows how to coax others along. His listening ear is immeasurable, which is probably part of why he gets along with everyone so well.

Santa likes his milk and cookies. There's no getting around that. But this current Head Elf does not like smoking at all. He thinks it's a nasty habit, even if he does keep around an antique pipe. It's more for sentimental sake than for anything else. He also likes his pasta. When it comes to a mean bowl of fettuccine, he can eat anyone under the table, though he'll probably regret it later.

Out of the reindeer, his favorite is probably one named Sparky, who usually doesn't get much mention, probably because he's a mini, as far as things goes, and will never fly the sleigh. But Sparky is different, which Santa can relate to. He's a champion of the underdog, which is probably why he does so well at his job. He's more than fair and is willing to give all a chance to prove themselves.

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