Wednesday, October 29, 2014

An Introduction to North Pole City

Hey all, I figured it was time to give you all an idea of my vision of North Pole City and the world surrounding Santa Claus in my story. So, without further ado, today's blurb is about the actual city.

North Pole City
            North Pole City can be found in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, above Greenland but not entirely in the North Polar Region.  It is an underground city, being encompassed about by a vast iceberg that has not moved in thousands of years, being firmly attached to the ocean bottom, despite the threat of global warming and other environmental concerns.
            Though the City is indeed under water, it is not directly even with the ocean floor.  Instead, it is only several hundred feet below the surface.  The iceberg that contains the city rises several hundred feet above the ocean’s level. The city is located near the center of the berg.  The berg itself, is several hundred miles wide at its most, though the majority of it only surrounds the city.
            The most stable portion of the iceberg has been hollowed out like a giant snow cave, with the ceiling of the dome being within only a dozen or so feet from the top of the berg, enough to keep it solid enough on top for frequent traffic of sleigh teams and walkers.  The top of the visible part of the dome is about one hundred feet in diameter, with several smaller domes for various way stations and settlements throughout the region.
            Within the city are the various buildings, which will be given their own introduction later.  Also within the city, aside from the housing district, are the Stables and various fields of greenery, as well as several small parks.  Near the outer limits of the city are scattered exit points that lead directly to the upper levels of the berg and to the outside.
            Despite common belief, North Pole City is not a frozen area where there is continual snow on the ground.  It is only on the outer level that this atmosphere can be found.  Within the city, it is a different matter.  Through the use of various technologies, as well as the principle of thermal dynamics, the city enjoys a fairly moderate climate, being neither too hot nor too cold. They are even able to grow some of their own produce within the confines of this feat of technological awesomesauce.

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