Self-Pub Podcast

There are a lot of self-publishers out there but I thought I'd share all the stuff I wished I'd know before I got started with the whole process, because, let's face it, not many of us understand just what an undertaking it is when we first dip our toes into that proverbial pond. (Links will be updated as new episodes are released. All links lead to Rumble.)

Why I'm Qualified to Talk about Self-Publishing

Ep 1: Traditional Vs. Self-Pub

Ep 2: Terms and Conditions (Aka some terms and legal stuff you should know from the get-go)

Ep 3: An In-Depth Look at Copyright

Ep 4: An In-Depth Look at BISAC

Ep 5: An In-Depth Look at LCCNs, CiPs, and PCNs 

Ep 6:An In-Depth Look at ISBNs

Ep 7: The Basic Publishing Cycle Explained

Ep 8: Types of Editing

Ep 9: Editing Tips and Tricks

Real Talk:  I Know It's Complicated

Ep 10: The Basic Publishing Cycle: Formatting Intro

Ep 11: Trim Sizes and Binding Types

Ep 12: Real Talk: Imprint Names and Trademarks

Ep 13: Setting Up a Bowker Account

Ep 14:  Setting up your ISBNs

Ep 15: Setting Up Your LCCN and PCN Account

Ep 16: LCCN Followup

Ep 17:  KDP Formatting Templates

Ep 18: Formatting Your Manuscript using Microsoft Styles

Ep 19: Uploading Your Book to IngramSpark pt1

Ep 20: Approving Your Proof on IngramSpark

Ep 21: Uploading Your Book to Ingramspark pt2

Ep 22: Setting Up Your Book on KDP

Ep 23: Basic Cover Creation

Ep 24: Registering Your Copyright

Ep 25: Uploading your Manuscript to Smashwords/D2D

Ep 25.5: Saving Your Files in .pdf Format

Ep 26: Basic Publishing Cycle: Promotion and Marketing

Ep 27: Amazon Author Central

Ep 28: WorldCat and Its Uses

Ep 29: Goodreads and Why It's Important

Ep 30: Author Websites

Ep 31: Social Media Platforms

Ep 32: Real Talk about Budgeting

Ep 33: About Book Reviews

Ep 34: Book Launches

Ep 35: Real Talk about Newsletters

Ep 36: Real Talk about Imposter Syndrome

Ep 37: Real Talk about In Person Promotions

Ep 38: Kickstarters and Crowdfunding

Ep 39: Taxes

Ep 40. Royalties and Getting Paid

Ep 41. Recap and Repeat

Ep 42: Real Talk about AI and Copyright