Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Greetings all! Happy Holidays! And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I wanted to just let everyone know that you can now purchase Bob the Littlest Dinosaur in hardback!

If you want to get this book in hardback, you can do so at the following online locations: Amazon and Barnes and Noble

You can also get Bob and the Color Fairy, in hard back as well. Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble.  It is currently on sale at Barnes and Noble for $15.00, instead of $22.99

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Check this out and please vote!

I'm so excited because my book, Bob and the Color Fairy, was just nominated for the 2018 Readers Choice Awards contest by TCK Publishing!


Thursday, October 4, 2018

Bob and the Color Fairy

I would like to announce the release of my newest children's book, Bob and the Color Fairy! Available now on Amazon, and soon to be available on Barnes and Noble and other online book retailer sites!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

School's Starting

I know school has already started for some, and will start soon for others. I admit I'm kind of glad I don't have to worry about that this year. It's the first time in seven years that I haven't, and I admit, it's kind of nice. But for those who do have to worry about it, be it as a teacher or student, I wish you luck.

I know I should apologize for not being overly communicative the last few months. It's been one hectic thing after another as we tried to move into our new semi-permanent home. (Hoping to stay put for a couple good years, but we'll see what happens.) And I'm only now just unearthing everything after the final stage of our move. It's been a crazy month but I hope to get back into the swing of things here soon.

Current projects include trying to get everything good to go. (I do need to get a new computer desk after the other one didn't make the move. Yeah, it's in pieces in a dumpster somewhere.) And I still need to rearrange my new workspace, but I hope to start my Fiction Writing for the Average Joe series in the next month or two. I'll post links when that becomes available, but, in the meantime, if you have anything you'd like me to cover, by all means, comment or send me a message!

Also in the works, a 3-in-1 version of the Tarragon Trilogy, which will have, fingers crossed, new material in the back matter, mainly illustrations, potentially some short stories, and a few other possible surprises, so keep an eye open for that. I'm also hoping to make more public appearances here in the next year but we'll see how that goes.

All in all, it's been an eventful month and I'm sure the rest of the year will be no exception. Here's hoping it goes well for everyone!

Happy Back to School, everyone!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Thinking of Possibilities

So I've been thinking of turning my Tarragon series into audio books. If I did that, who would be interested? Would you prefer a certain type of voice? How would you feel if I were the one to read them?

Also, how would you feel about a new cover for The Unknown Elf? I think it might be time to update that one as well, and add a bit more to the appendix area of the book.

And while we're on the topic of potential changes and so forth, what kinds of things would you like to see from me in the future? Don't be shy. By all means, please let me know. Do you want more Tarragon? More Bob the Dinosaur? More with the elves at the North Pole? Or something completely different?

I wonder how many of you are interested in reading fan fiction. I don't give my fan fiction stories the same treatment as I do my original works so they're kind of rough, but I've been writing a lot involving Big Hero 6 lately, mixing them up with other fandoms. Who would be interesting in giving them a read over? After all, fan fiction is just as amazing, viable, and current as anything else I write.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Mid-Summer sale on Smashwords

Hey all.  I know it's been a while since I last updated. Things are super crazy over here! I'm in the middle of trying to move from one place to another, on top of working on several other different projects that I hope to be able to tell you more about in the next few months.

But, for those who are avid readers and want to beat the heat, I did want to let you know that my books are currently on sale on Smashwords during their July Summer Sale.

Get the original edition of Kas for free, and the Second Edition for only $.99!

If you're looking for something a little "colder", why not pick up a copy of The Unknown Elf for only $1.50?

Or, if you're more into dragons, you can check out my Tarragon Trilogy. Key Keeper is currently $1.50, Dragon Mage is $2.00, as is Dragon Bane!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A Request

I was thinking, pretty recently actually, and wondering, now that Tarragon: Dragon Bane has been out for a few months, how many of you, who've read it, would be interested in more backstory for characters like Walter, Tyler, and maybe Margo and James Porter?

I most especially am interested to know if anyone would like to hear more about Walter Watkins and his history leading up to, and maybe going past, when he first met Tyler.

If there are any other characters you'd like to have a better idea of their history, etc, by all means, feel free to comment and let me know. I'm currently looking into expanding all the backstories of any of the characters you guys want to hear more about.

Also, for those who liked my Bob the Littlest Dinosaur book, I just thought I'd share that I am working on a sequel, Bob and the Color Fairy.  Fingers crossed, I'll be releasing that late this fall, early winter.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Character Introduction: Tyler Durand and Anwen Porter

Our final character introductions (before the official release) include the following two individuals: Tyler Daemyn Durand and Anwen Porter.

Warning: Spoilers may be ahead for those who have not read the first two books in the trilogy!


Tyler Durand

Tyler Durand is a hermit of sorts. At the apparent age of 17, he lives on his own. He takes on the odd job in the Village of Lindwurm, helping out those in need, and acting as a local guide to various historical attractions. At least he did until he met Anwen and decided to help her with her quest to figure out her family history. Turns out he's actually a dragon trying to save the rest of his people with only the help of an age-old prophecy. He is the son of Kern Nurrim, oldest of all dragons, and brother to Callum Durand, also a dragon.

In mortal form, Tyler stands about five foot seven, with light brown hair and dazzling blue eyes (the color of Lake Wyvern), and is fit and athletic. Solid yet decidedly not overweight, Tyler prefers to wear casual and somewhat rugged wear. Perhaps this is due to his constant hiking and working with his hands. He is very expressive, and almost every single girl in the Village wishes he was hers.  In dragon form, he resembles the majestic Western-style dragons, with silver-blue scales and a decidedly ridged back.
Personality: Tyler is caring and friendly. He's outgoing and likes to help others. But he is also perceptive and can read the intentions of others. He's very observant and idealistic.  He is also very loyal to those he considers his "family". And while he really doesn't care for snobbery and the small-mindedness of most people, he puts up with it with a smile. His patience seems to know no bounds. His personality allows him to socialize with ease, even in awkward situations, turning a phrase or joke to lighten any dark mood. He seems able to manipulate the very emotional atmosphere around him. Many in the Village consider him to be mysterious, mostly because they don't know much about his origins.

Brief History: Tyler belongs to the dragons of Tarragon, the only living dragon outside the sealed Mountain before Anwen released the sleeping dragons within. He has lived several mortal life-times outside the mountain in search of the Key Keeper who would open the Mountain and restore the dragons to their rightful domain. Upon finding Anwen, he learns she's the Keeper he's been waiting for. With the help of Courtney, he takes Anwen on a crazy adventure to open the Mountain and free the dragons, revealing that he is the last dragon outside. He later reveals that Anwen is also the Kaida, the master dragon mage. With the help of Courtney, and his friend Walter, he helps Anwen fight off the might of the Mage Circle so she can waken the dragons from their spell-induced slumber, just in time to defeat a Revenant named Kira.

Anwen Porter

Anwen Porter is the only child and daughter of James and Margo Porter. Descending from a long line of Key Keepers, she feels it her duty to fulfill her father's dying request to return to the Mountains of her ancestry. But there is a lot more to her than even she realizes, especially after her experiences with Tyler and Courtney in the Mountain of Tarragon. She learns her mother was the master dragon mage, known as The Kaida, and it is her birthright to claim that title at her mother's passing.

Appearance: Anwen is of average build, standing about five foot four inches, (5'3.5", technically, but she likes to count that half inch as a whole) and doesn't consider herself very athletic. More of an introvert, she always felt more at home in a library than on any sports team.  Her auburn hair sets off hazel-green eyes and a clear complexion. She likes to wear comfortable but stylish clothes, though nothing too trendy. She likes to make her own style. And she always carries around the dragon pendant her father left her (aka the Key to Tarragon), wearing it on a chain around her neck, close to her heart. She also wears the Mage Ring, an heirloom passed down from her mother upon her death.

Personality: Anwen is an introvert and tends to avoid confrontation when she can, though she is no stranger to hardship. Growing up, she was often teased by her peers, occasionally being bullied. She also witnessed her father's death, something that shook her to the core. In general, though, she is gentle, reserved, studious, and kind. She has a natural-born curiosity but is humble and trusting, perhaps too much at times. She also tends to downplay her own importance, often putting her needs and wants aside for those of others, even at high cost to herself. Some would call her masochistic because of this, but she hates to make people worry and tends to at least pretend a confident, self-assured nature where nothing phases her. She tends to internalize her emotions instead of letting them out, which gets her into trouble.

A Brief History: Anwen's family migrated from the city of North Hope to Pallose when she was a young child. There, she attended public school. When she was around eleven year's old, her father was murdered. Since then, she has devoted her life to filling his dying request, to one day return to the Mountains of her ancestry. With little else to go one than a journal of a great grandmother, she journeyed to the Village of Lindwyrm and met Tyler, who revealed her true heritage as a Key Keeper. Unfortunately, she managed to draw the attention of the Mage Circle, with one member in particular doing her best to kill her. After a great deal of hardship, and a lot of physical and emotional agony, she managed to defeat her nemesis in time to learn that not only is she the Master Key Keeper, but the Kaida as well, destined to not only unlock the gates of Tarragon, but to wake the sleeping dragons inside. After some training with her friends, including her mother, she faces off with the might of the Mage Circle to release the dragons from their spell-cast slumber and ends up taking up the title of Kaida when her mother dies in the aftermath of the battle.


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Character Introductions: Courtney Willis and Walter Watkins

Today's character introductions include: Courtney Willis and Walter Watkins

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead for those who have not read the first two books in the Tarragon trilogy.


Courtney Willis

Courtney Willis was a rather flamboyant and self-centered teen of seventeen. A native to the Village of Lindwyrm, she considered herself an expert in the area and loved to chase the boys, especially tourists. At least she was that way until she met Anwen. That's when she realized just how self-absorbed and shallow she really was. Since then, she's discovered there's more to who she is than she'd originally thought. Not only is she a dragon mage, but is now a champion for the last Key Keeper and Kaida of Tarragon.
Physical Appearance: Courtney has blond hair of a medium length and muddy-hazel eyes. She prefers to wear trendy clothes when possible but has no problem going rugged when necessary. Living in a mountain village, she is very fit, with good stamina and endurance.

Personality: Courtney starts out rather shallow. She grew up with a sense of privilege that went to her head. Tending towards pettiness, she hated competition and would often turn up her nose at anything she deems beneath her. She also couldn't understand why Tyler wouldn't just succumb to her good looks and charms. She was easily jealous, especially when it came to Tyler. Deep down, she's very insecure and unsure of herself. When she's not pretending to be something she's not, she's often off on her own, wishing things were different. All she really wants is to be accepted for who she is, but is afraid of showing that more sensitive and dependable side to her peers. However, once she meets Anwen, she discovers she has a greater sense of purpose in life and develops a sense of loyalty towards her new friends.

Brief History: Born of local parents, Courtney has spent her entire life in Lindwyrm Village. As a member of the elite, she gained a rather skewed vision of her importance in society. Wishing to be trained by the upper echelons of her class, she later changed her mind due to her mother's influence. When Anwen came to the Village, she was quickly thrown into the mix, learning that there is more to life than she originally realized. She decided to join the quest to wake the dragons and gives her loyalty to Anwen and Tyler. Later, she helped defeat the Mage Circle, who wished to subjugate the dragons to their will.


Walter Watkins

Walter Watkins is a native of the city of Blaucii. A bachelor of many years, he just hasn't found the right woman yet, or so he says. He doesn't like zombies, believes in being prepared, and has no problem blowing things up.
Physical description: Walter is darker in coloring. His skin has been described as reminding people of milk chocolate. He likes to keep his hair cut to military regulation length, wears functional clothing that is easy to move in, typically jeans and button-down shirts or t-shirts.
Personality: Walter is loyal to his friends and kin. He is a good leader and is innovative in a pinch. Having served in a military capacity, he knows what war is like and suffers from the occasional bouts of PTSD. He loves to cook, doesn't mind organized chaos, and has a decided sense of humor.
Brief History: Walter comes from a small family. Early on, he knew he was meant to be a soldier so he enlisted in the Reserves and became a field medic. During one training exercise, he got separated from his platoon and was rescued by Tyler. He has never forgotten that and will do anything for his friend. He has no problem just minding his own business and doing his own thing. When asked for help by Tyler, he was more than willing to repay the life-debt he owed and became part of the cause against the Mage Circle, helping to defeat the group of mages so Anwen could wake the dragons.


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Character Introductions: Leslie Walker and Sarah Wallace

Today's character introductions include: Leslie Walker and Sarah Wallace

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead for those who have not read the first two books in the trilogy!


 Leslie Walker

Leslie is a dragon mage of immense power. In appearance, she is medium-toned with dark hair and eyes. She is fit and very athletic. A natural-born leader, she has no problem taking charge of a situation. 

History: Leslie was born to a long line of Walkers, living separate from the other mages in the Village of Lindwurm. She is part of a thriving community, which she leads.

Personality: Leslie is pretty down to earth but has no problem taking the lead or being tough as nails. She can be playful but is no-nonsense when it comes down to things that matter. She is also cautious but fair with her peers.

Sarah Wallace

Sarah is best friend to Leslie Walker, also living apart from the mages in the Village of Lindwurm. She is tall and athletic with a tanned complexion.

Personality: Sarah is very serious about her position as Leslie's second. She is very protective of those she loves and can be suspicious of those she does not know. Her skill in battle and magic are rivaled only bey her mentor and friend, Leslie.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Character Introductions: Kern Nurrim and Callum Durand

Today's character introductions include: Kern Nurrim and Callum Durand

Warning: There may be spoilers ahead, especially if you haven't ready any of the previous books in the trilogy.


Kern Nurrim

Kern Nurrim is the oldest of all the dragons. He is also the head of the Dragon Council, the highest governing body of the dragons. He is also the father of Kaida Magus, the first Kaida, head of the dragon mages, and therefore Anwen's many times' over great grandfather.

When in dragon form, Kern resembles the classic Western Style dragons of our world, with white scales. White symbolizes not only his age, but is associated with light, the sun, air, holiness, perfection, innocence, and purity.  He is also sometimes called, "One who creates".
When in "mortal form", Kern resembles an old man with white hair and a long beard. He typically wears Eastern style clothing in the form of a formal robe of white and silver.
Kern possesses several abilities, including the ability to manipulate matter, use Soul Sight and Dragon Sight, use Soul Speech, and can transform his shape into anything he likes.

Callum Durand

Callum's appearance is similar to his brother, Tyler.  His appearance, however, is different in that he has darker hair (think medium brown) and slightly taller (closer to six foot odd). He also tends to not show up often, only when he wants to make a point or bring bad news. Also, his eyes are a soft green in color. He's well built, but not overly muscled.
Not much is known about Callum, other then that he tends to be a bit of a prig, very stickler for rules, and has no problem letting other people know when they've done something they shouldn't. He also doesn't like anyone of mortal descent, especially those with mage blood.
Tyler's older brother (sort of), Callum has no problem lording over the younger dragon lord. He considers himself very wise and powerful.


Sunday, April 1, 2018

Character Introductions: Kaida Magus, Emma Kaida Lucas, and Emi

Today's character introductions include: Emma Kaida, Kaida Magus, and Emi

 For those who have not read the previous books, there will be spoilers ahead.


 Kaida Magus (Deceased)

Kaida Magus is the offspring of Kern Nurrim and Anna Durand Magus. She is also the first Kaida, leader of the dragon mages, as well as the first dragon mage in existence. 

In appearance, she is tall and graceful, with vibrant red hair and green eyes. She often favored a dress over more masculine clothing. She is regal and powerful, with a sense of justice and a great wisdom.


Emma Kaida Lucas (Deceased)

Emma  served as Kaida during her lifetime, removing herself and her family from the Village of Lindwurm during the rise of the Mage Circle. She led the Lost Mages away from the village, those true to the ideal of the dragon mage, and then departed from them to keep herself separate in the off chance those of the Mage Circle tried to find her or her kin.

Emi (The Child)

Though not introduced by name until book three, Emi is a mystery. A child of three to four years old, she visits both Tyler and Anwen at various different times.
Physical Characteristics: Emi is slight of build, almost elfin or Puck-ish in feature. She has darker red hair, like the dying embers of a fire. She also usually wears a long white dress of simple design. She is very active and agile.
Personality: Emi can be described as a bit of an imp and is decidedly playful. She likes to play but can be serious when she needs to be. She also likes being mysterious and is good at keeping a secret.


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Character Introductions: Margo Pack Porter and James Porter

Today's Characters are Margo Pack Porter and her husband, James Porter: Parents of Anwen Porter.

 For those who have not read the previous books, there will be spoilers ahead.

Margo Pack Porter (Deceased)

Margo is the wife of James Porter, but returned to her maiden name of Pack upon his death. She is the mother of Anwen Porter. She raised Anwen by herself after her husband died.

Physical description: Margo is slight of build with auburn hair. She likes comfortable clothes. She is deceptively skinny looking but is actually quite strong and fast.

Personality: Margo is a sort of no-nonsense type of individual. She has no problem taking charge of a situation and will often do so without thinking. She has a soft spot for her daughter but doesn't usually show it to anyone. She was/is a devoted wife and never remarried when her husband was murdered.

Brief History: Margo grew up outside of the Village of Lindwyrm, mostly due to her grandmother taking them away from the area to preserve their family line from being polluted by the Mage Circle. On the outside, she met James Porter and fell in love. They were married and brought Anwen into the world. After her husband died, she took on the responsibility of raising her child without the help of others while keeping secret her heritage on both sides of the family. Margo was killed at the end of the battle against the Mage Circle and her soul entered the Mage Ring, which Anwen wears. When she died, she passed on the title of Kaida to her daughter.

James Porter (Deceased)

James Porter is the husband to Margo Porter, and father to Anwen Porter. Descending from a long line of the same name, James was a devoted father, a dreamer, and a designer. A graphic artist by trade, he worked by commission on various projects, including illustrating books, designing maps, and occasionally spinning a few tales of his own.

Physical Characteristics: Not much is known about James' physical appearance. He was of average build, with brown hair, and wore glasses. He preferred comfortable clothes that were functional, and often had a studious air about him.

Personality: Though studious in his craft, James was easy to get along with. He loved to tease, but could be serious when needed. A devoted husband and father, James only wanted what was best for his family. He was dedicated, loving, and protective. Like his daughter, he was more than willing to give the shirt off his back to help another, often at the expense of himself. Perceptive and generally calm, he had a way of soothing over hurts and helping others see a broader perspective on life. He tended to bring the best out of people.

Brief History: James was born in New Hope to Nathan James and Jenna Loise Porter. After college, he met Margo, and they were married. Only a few years after Anwen was born, he felt compelled to move the family to Pallose, citing work as a reason. There, he worked various jobs to support his family, spinning fantastic tales to entertain his wife and daughter. When Anwen was around eleven, he died tragically. Before he died, he charged his young daughter to one day find their ancestral home and finish the work he'd started.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Character Introduction: Doc, Anise Hayward, Mr. Willis, and Kira Millard

As a sort of "lead up" to the release of Tarragon: Dragon Bane, I'd like to introduce/re-introduce you to the characters of this series. There are a few new ones and I hope to include new information on the ones you may already know and love. I will post at least one a week until the release of Dragon Bane on May 5th. We'll start with the less seen and go from there.

 For those who have not read the previous books, there will be spoilers ahead.


Today I'd like to re-introduce you to Doc and to introduce you to Mr. Willis, Kira Millard (who only shows up briefly), and Anise Hayward.


A doctor living and practicing in the Village of Lindwyrm. His real name is either unknown or never used as he goes by the nickname of "Doc" with everyone. He tends to be a bit scatter-brained but is an accomplished practitioner and can be quite observant. While you only see him briefly, he has a part to play in the whole of the story.

 Anise Hayward (deceased)

Anise Hayward is the many times great grandmother of Courtney Willis. A dragon mage, she did not follow the teaching of the Mage Circle and was ostracized by her family. They even changed their last name to distance themselves from  her. She died an honorable death serving Tarragon and the dragons who dwell therein.

Mr. Willis 

Mr. Willis is the father of Courtney Willis. While the blood of the dragon mage runs in their family, he did not inherit the ability to use its abilities. He is, however, an accomplished businessman, taking over the Dridi Inn at the end of the battle against the Mage Circle. He is kind, considerate, and tends to look out for the welfare of others.

Kira Millard (deceased)

Kira is the identical twin of Daphne Millard. Though she did not grow up in the Village of Lindwyrm, she has strong ties to it through her aunt. She is deceptive and finds nothing beneath her, be it using others or betraying them. She is manipulative and calculating, but can act with the best of them. And above all else, she seeks power.

Generally, she wears whatever fits the role she's chosen to play, though she likes cloaks. She has black hair and dark eyes, is build like a model and has a decided sense of confidence in everything she does.

Brief history: Kira was separated from her family at birth due to the suggestion of her aunt, Matilda Millard. She was raised apart from the others but knew of the existence of her twin and would often sneak into the Village to watch her in the off chance she needed to copy her. She quickly went up the ranks in the Mage Circle and served as Madame Millard's secret right hand, until she discovered the Revenants and was absorbed by them. She then became a tool in their arsenal of weapons against the dragons while still maintaining some autonomy. Her attempts to steal the soul of the acting Kaida (Margo Pack), resulted in the revelation that she had become a lesser Revenant, whereupon she was destroyed by the dragons.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Tarragon Book Tour

Hey folks!

I just wanted to let you know that I have added a few "in person" events to my Tarragon: Dragon Bane Book Tour. All events associated with this are posted below.

  Official cover reveal March 21

 North Texas Book Festival on April 7 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm in Denton, TX

Online Blog Tour starting April 30 - May13

Official Launch Party Online on May 5 from 6 PM - 8 PM MST

Frisco Arts Author's Corner at Half Price Books in Frisco, TX on June 2 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm


Thursday, March 1, 2018

Random Musings for a Wet March Day

Hey everyone!  It's been a long time since I last posted anything, especially anything not related to my books, so I decided it was time to do so. Okay, maybe I'll mention something about them further down. :D

This past year has been an interesting one, as has this one so far. I've quit my day job - again - and will hopefully never have to work a 9-5 ever again. As much as I have loved working and teaching in a preschool, I think it's time I move on and get back into the groove of all things writing, baking, and just being me.

For those who don't know, last year was a difficult one for me. There were a lot of ups and downs and I felt like I was stuck on a fast-paced roller coaster that had no end in sight. I am happy to report that I have finally gotten off that roller coaster and traded it in for a more tame version, which will hopefully allow me to get back on my proverbial feet.

So, since Spring is just around the corner, I'd like to share some happy thoughts. Spring is a season of renewal and growth, and happens to be my favorite season. Christmas may be my favorite holiday, but Spring is by far my favorite time of year.

We've had a TON of rain over the last week or so, which is awesome, but also keeps me cooped up inside because I somehow managed to lose my umbrella. Oops. But hey, we just bought a ginormous one at the store that can easily allow me and my husband to walk under it without getting wet, so long as the rain doesn't decide to come down sideways!

Spring is the time when flowers bloom and I love flowers. I love their colors, the vibrancy, and yes, even the bugs that come with it all. I love seeing the bees, who usually leave me along so long as I leave them alone. Gotta have the bees, right?

Also in the Spring comes a plethora of fun holidays and outdoor activities, warmer weather, more rainbows, and just a general sense of excitement as we all brush off our winter cocoons and get outside and moving. I really need to do that myself. (I've put on some winter weight.... but who hasn't?)

But I think my most favorite part of Spring is being able to walk down the street and see the stream teeming with ducks and other water birds, even some geese. It's just amazing how many different varieties there are! I love it so much. And even though the grass makes  me itch, I love it when it turns that vibrant green, making me wish I could just roll down a steep bank full of it. I don't because I really dislike hives, but I can still pretend.

And Spring means new opportunities, like the book fair in Lewisville on March 10th, which I will be a part of. I also hope to soon become a part of the Frisco's Program for the Arts' Summer Reading Lineup. We'll see on that one.

So many opportunities, so many ways to grow. May we all grow like the flowers in Spring, and turn out just as nice.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Getting Close

Hello my fellow readers!

We are getting closer to the release of Tarragon: Dragon Bane, which happens May 5th. I hope you are as excited as I about this!

To help lead up to the release, we are having a few online events, about one a month.

January, we have a book blitz for Tarragon: Key Keeper, and the ebook version is only $.99 US for the entire month! So if you haven't gotten your copy, get it now!

In February, we will have another book blitz but for Tarragon: Dragon Mage. This will occur on February 23rd. You can still sign up to help spread the word either via blog or facebook. The ebook version of Dragon Mage will be $.99 US during the month of February.

And then, finally! You will have the opportunity to see the cover for Tarragon: Dragon Bane in this lovely cover reveal, which you can also sign up for here.

And this all leads up to the release and online blog tour for Tarragon: Dragon Bane on May 5th! Event links will be shared at a later date so keep your eyes peeled!