Monday, June 1, 2020

Some sad news

Hey all.

I know this whole Coronavirus thing has us still just going stir crazy and all that, and it's possible some of you were looking forward to coming out and seeing me this weekend, but I have to cancel the appearance due to some family matters that need my attention.

That being said, I hope to reschedule for either July or August with more author events. In fact, I am working on scheduling an online event with the Dallas Public Library system, talking about self publishing. I will provide more details as I have them available, but I wanted to let you know that it's something coming up.

In other news, I am going to take a bit of a break from social media, minus posting updates on my facebook page about the audio drama version of Tarragon. There's just too much negativity going on there right now and it's affecting my creativity.

I hope you are all well and that we will see each other again soon.

Karlie Lucas