Saturday, September 26, 2015

Trying to be simple in a complicated world

Greeting all.

So, those who are revisiting my site will have noticed that I've changed the color scheme/background so that it's pretty much almost as simple as it can get.  I admit, I hope this also makes my blog/site look more professional, but we'll have to wait and see on that point.

So, simplicity. Yep, it's time for a random musing, that will meander all over the place, much similar to how some of my writing has been said to be. I prefer to think of it as a non-linear way of telling a story in a big jumble of wibbly wobbly, anything can happen, kind of deal.

For anyone who knows me, in any level beyond just casual acquaintance, I have this tendency to bog myself down with projects. Best way of putting it, I'm a workaholic. Yep, that's totally me. I thrive on doing things. When I have a moment of down time, I often wonder what's wrong, what I've forgotten, if I should be doing something I'm not. It's a rather sad but exhilarating thing all at the same time.

The past few months, as anyone who has read my blog, knows, have been super hectic. And with all of that hectic-ness, I have lost sight of myself a bit. I seem to be mostly myself when I'm creating. And the past month hasn't really allowed for a lot of creativity. From working unusual shifts that have left me almost bone weary, to worrying about the health and wellness of my family, it's been so full of worries and stress that I haven't really had time to create. But that is changing.

My hubby and I had a nice sit down talk a week ago and we came to the same conclusion: I'm the most happy when I can create. I'm the most "me" when I create. So, even though it is, in a way simplifying things (taking me more out of the crazy "Help! I'm stressed out the yin-yang!"), I'm putting myself back into the creative firing oven.

What does that mean? Well, I'm doing everything I can to let my characters talk to me again. I'm getting creative in the kitchen at least once a week. I'm editing. I'm trying to bring back my art, in small degrees. And, I'm bringing back my radio drama.

I'm sure you're going something like, "Now wait just a minute. Wasn't this supposed to be about simplifying things?" And you're right. It is. (I'm not forgetting the crowd who are like, "Wait, you do radio dramas?") But, for me, this is more simple than sitting around like an old hen, worrying about everything. To simplify my life, I am purposely complicating it with the things I love to do best, creating.

That's not to say that I'm going to "bring it all on" at the same time, because I'm not. I'm just changing priorities. I'm trying to worry less about work and more about my physical and mental health. So I'm editing my own stories and that of a fellow writer. I'm trying new things in the kitchen (but only once a week). And I'm bringing back, as I said, the radio drama.

Speaking of radio dramas, it's actually more of a "for fun" project that spans 136 chapters. And call me crazy if you will, I'm the main producer, script writer/editor, director, and mixer for this project. And I like it. :D Yes, I"m a glutton for punishment, but at least it's for a good cause.

Again, for those who don't really know me, it is my goal in life to help others, to lift them, and help them achieve their goals. By doing my radio drama, I am allowing inexperienced actors the opportunity to work on their craft by doing something fun. By writing, I am (hopefully) bringing a message of encouragement and empowerment to my readers. By cooking/baking, I'm showing people that they can try new things. By creating art, I am giving the world something new to see and explore.

So, to simplify my life, I am trying to cut out the things that are stressful (or at least stop focusing on them and how I feel trapped by them) and am, instead, focusing on what I can do. Sure, I may overdo it, but at least it will be on my terms.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Another Long Road

Greetings all.

It has been a rather interesting month so far. Lots of things have happened. The most notable include my temporary change of duties at work from an assistant teacher to the cook. For those who don't know, I work at a preschool. Our cook was out for two weeks for surgery after an injury during a marathon. Having had food related experience, I was asked to help out in the kitchen while she was gone.

Can I just tell you that working in a prep kitchen (because that's basically what it is), has been one of the most physically and mentally demanding things I've done in a while? The actual job wasn't hard, but all the twisting, pulling, bending, carrying, etc, of heavy equipment, pots, pans, food, etc, had definitely done a number on my creativity and physical body. I haven't been this tired and sore in a long time.

Thankfully, my stint in the kitchen is over. And, with that, I hope my creativity will return. Apparently my characters didn't want to add stress to more stress by "talking" with me during those two weeks. That, sadly, means that I haven't done any writing for a while.

And now, just a few days ago, I learned that my last remaining grandpa passed after a relatively unknown fight with colon cancer. Unfortunately, I don't know many details. I do know he was Stage 4 and that it had moved to his liver last week. I hear he passed in his sleep, so there is that, but now I have that to deal with on an emotional level.

I am very thankful for my husband and his support during all of this crazy sauce, because that's the only way I can explain it. But, hopefully everything will soon be back to some semblance of normal. My book is being reviewed by a small publishing house. I'm making things ready for a backup plan for publishing, just in case. I'm helping out with my church stuff. All in all, things aren't too bad.

Oh, did I mention that my birthday is next week? So there are things to look forward to. And, if you want to read my fan fictions, you can totally check them out on Wattpad, for something to read in the meantime.

Here's to better times.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Looking for the other side of the rainbow

Hey all. I know it's been a while since I last updated. A lot has gone on. Some of it is day job related, including a temporary reassignment to kitchen duty. Other aspects are family and personal.

I do, however, have some news to share. Tarragon was previously considered by an agency for representation, but they have passed on the possibility. However, Jolly Fish Press seems very interested in the story and they are currently giving it a good read. I don't know what they will say just yet, but I thought you should know.

If they do not send an offer, passing as the agency did, I will be publishing the series in the same manner that I have my previous two books, completely Indie. I'm already working on cover ideas in the off chance they don't want to publish. And if that route is the one I end up taking, the release date will remain the previously announced time in April of 2016. I will try to give more information on this as I am able to do so.

In the meantime, I'd like to offer up this bitty for you.

For hundreds of years, the gates of Tarragon have been sealed from the outside. Prophecy speaks of the day the last Key Keeper will return and wake the dragons from their spell-cast slumber, returning them to their rightful home.
Seeking to fulfill her father's dying wish, Anwen Porter travels to the Drakonii Mountains where she meets Tyler, a mysterious local with a secret. With his help, she learns more about her clouded past and her own abilities. But when Courtney, a lovesick mage, tries to insert herself into their plans, things begin to go horribly wrong.
With death threatening at every turn, Anwen must learn to rely on her newfound friends to survive. But how can she unravel the mystery of her heritage when everything is trying to kill her?

Also, if you would please send good wishes and vibes my way. It's been a really tough past month, with hospital bills piling up, and learning that my only living grandfather has cancer... It's definitely been a roller coaster year. I'm looking for that other side of the rainbow. But if anyone has a pot of gold they're willing to give me, I'll take that instead.