Saturday, October 25, 2014

Character Introduction: Mr. Dovan

All right, friends, readers, and those who are simply just curious, here is the last character introduction for my new book, The Unknown Elf. (Don't forget you can pre-order it in eBook format at Smashwords, Amazon, and Goodreads. Paperback version coming soon as well.)

Today's character introduction is a man named Damar Dovan, or simply referred to as either Dovan, or Mr. Dovan.

Dovan is an adult male, human, probably in his late forties to mid fifties (approximately). He has a look of charm and is quite debonaire, when he wants to be. Inside, he's not so pretty. Standing about average height, Dovan has dark hair and eyes, with an obsessive personality. It's very safe to say he's a bit off his rocker. Okay, a LOT off his rocker.

Dovan definitely has a few screws loose, with little or no moral values to his name. He doesn't care who he hurts in his quest for "revenge", though I personally think it's more of a personal vendetta that has little to do with revenge. That's just his excuse.

Having been in a few mental institutions, Dovan finally escaped and set up base in an abandoned warehouse somewhere in either America or Canada. (You can guess which when you read the book.) He has a few faithful followers were, more than likely, brainwashed into helping him out, or were convicts or fellow mental patients he helped boost. Not much is really known about them, and it's probably better that way.

Dovan is considered ruthless and clinically insane. (Did I say that already?) Approach with extreme caution. He carries both a gun and a knife that he called "Betty", which was his mother's name.

As far as family goes, they're all dead. He was an only child. His father committed suicide and his mom died after a long battle with cancer.

Always a bit more on the rebel side, Dovan took both their deaths hard, especially when his father blamed "certain people" for his mother's death. In the end, his dad was definitely off his rocker, which probably didn't help keep his son on his.

I would give away more, but that would be telling you too much. Read the story to find out exactly what this guy is really like, and don't be surprised if you want to slap him a time or two. I did just from writing him.

Coming up next time: a look into North Pole City.

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