Saturday, February 6, 2016

It's almost time for.... a contest!

Greetings all!

How is everyone doing today this fine Saturday? I saw that the Groundhog did not see a shadow, which kind of disappoints me. Texas, Dallas area that is, hasn't seen any real snow this whole winter. And now they're telling me that it won't happen at all this year? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, now that the mini rant is over.....


Yep, that's right. It's time for a contest. If you are signed up for my newsletter, you already know about the Character Casting Contest. Unfortunately, there aren't many entries as of yet. I'm hoping that will change, but since there's only a small number of subscribers... well, small numbers equal small numbers. But, wanting to be fair to all, I'm opening it up to everyone, but the rules will be a bit different.

I am going to start introducing the characters to my new book, Tarragon: Key Keeper. There will be one a week. To enter, simply comment on that week's post (or email if it's easier) your actor/actress pick for that character. Feel free to tell us all why you think he/she/it is a good choice, because not all the characters are "human", as it were. ;-)

(I admit, I'm having a bit of a time deciding on my own dream casting picks for this book and could use all the help I can get.)

I will pick the winner based off of how well I think your suggestions fit the character. There will be a prize for each week. Each prize will be different.  And yes, you can enter more than one image per character. Just know that I will try to be fair with all entries. The winner for each week will be announced with the next character introduction, so keep checking in.

This contest will officially open February 8th, which is when I will post the first character introduction, with a brief tidbit about each character. Some character descriptions will be more vague than others, so do your best. And feel free to share! The more entries, the better the next prize likely will be!

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