Monday, February 22, 2016

Tarragon Character Introduction: Mathais Porter

This week's Character Introduction is Mathias Porter.

Matthias Porter grew up near the Village of Lindwurm. A direct descendant of the Porter line, entrusted with the protection of Tarragon, Mathias was a sturdy sort of man, willing to do whatever it took to protect and fulfill his duty as a Keeper.

Physical Appearance: Mathias was short, standing about five foot five, solid build, but well-proportioned. A bit rugged, he wore his dark brown hair a bit on the unkempt side. Not giving much stock to how he looked, he tended towards the more functional on clothing.

Personality: Mathias was a fighter. He was often serious, but held hints of geniality and compassion. But his loyalty stood him good credit. His motto included the charge "to stand at all costs" and "protect and preserve no matter what".

Brief History: A member of the Keepers, Mathias was born to his role. Born of and raised by Josiah and Carolina Porter, his education came from life. When the villagers decided to go against the natives of Tarragon, he sided with Tarragon, aiding in their escape, and ended up being exiled from his home, with all his family.

Make sure to comment with your actor pic for this character for a chance to win a set of marble magnets. (Pictured below)

Last week's winner is Laurie Bergh. Her suggestion of Kylie Jenner could very well fit the role of Daphne Millard. Laurie, please send me an email via karliemlucas@gmail .com to claim your prize!



  1. Thank you very much for my being last week's winner!

  2. My computer will not let me post a picture but I think Josh Hutcherson would make a great Matthias Porter. But I am entering just for fun since I just won I don't need to actually be entered this week!

    1. By all means, feel free to enter every week. And let others know so they can enter too!

  3. What about Justin Gaston?