Monday, January 25, 2016

Here's a little bit of a question.

For those of you out there who don't know, I"m not just an author and a preschool teacher. I'm also a voice actor, director, producer, script editor, and sound mixer. Yep. I'm a woman of many hats. My voice acting is all on the "non professional" side, as we're doing everything fan based, but I did want to pose a suggestion. A little idea.

What do you think of possibly having a smallish book about... voice acting. Would anyone be interested?

You see, my hubby and I were brainstorming last night and thought, hey, why not make a small series of "how to" books. One of those major ideas was for me to turn my "getting into voice acting" panel (which I present at anime conventions), and turning it into a "how to" manual of sorts.

Now, I've been mulling over the idea. And part of me is very keen on this. Then the more "responsible" side of me puts in her two cents' worth with, "Aren't you already doing too many projects?"

You see, I"m one of those crazy people who likes to basically take on more than any sane person probably should. Like I said about, I'm a writer, a preschool teacher, and pretty much every hat on the voice acting side you can have in a non-professional capacity. I don't get paid to voice act or direct.

Then, of course, I'm working on promotional items for my newest book, Tarragon: Key Keeper. And there are some pretty cool items. I'm making molds, posters, bookmarks, key chains, magnets, t-shirts, bags, maybe plushies... I was going to do some prop replicas but my hubby talked me out of it. For now....

Then, of course there's the whole voice acting thing. Casting characters. Sending out lines. Paring down lines and sending feedback. Coaching actors. Master mixing the various voices together into a cohesive whole, adding in sound effects (sometimes making my own), and putting it up on YouTube for the world to enjoy. Luckily, I don't have to do the music, but I do my own editing on the scripts, and formatting.

But hey, I'm crazy like that. I like to keep busy. I wouldn't mind it if my day job was my writing job but meh... And, eventually, I want to add the "mom" had into all of this. Am I crazy? Probably. Will it be worth it? In my eyes, definitely. Even if I end up falling on my fanny, I"d still see it all as success.

But back to the question, should I start creating a "how to" series? The first would be about voice acting. What do you think?

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