Monday, February 15, 2016

Tarragon Character Introduction: Daphne Millard

Today's character is Daphne Millard.

 Daphne Millard is a popular girl in Lindwurm Village. Daughter of one of the upper echelon families, she grew up with a lot of privilege. At eighteen, she is engaged to Josef Forster, another local teen.

Physical appearance: Daphne has long, black hair. Her eyes are chocolate brown, and she's relatively thin, with a model's body. She prefers to wear fashionable clothing and likes to wear her hair loose.

Personality: Daphne is a bit of a socialite. She snubs anyone she doesn't feel is on her level, including Courtney. Born into a wealthy family, she grew up with all the modern conveniences the Village had to offer. Because her father holds a place on the town council, she feels a sense of superiority towards the majority of its citizens, but seems mostly engrossed with her boyfriend.

Brief History: Daphne has lived in the Village all of her life, except for a brief jaunt away due to curiosity. Finding she didn't like life outside the Village, she returned to train in her family's trade. Childhood friends with Josef, it was only natural that they become engaged. And though she doesn't consider Courtney to be a close friend, she hangs out with the blond from time to time.

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Last week's winner!

The winner of last week's character casting contest is T Windsor! The suggestion of Matthew Gray Gubler may just be spot on for the character of Josef Forster. What do you think?

 T Windsor, if you could contact me to claim your prize. My contact info is on the contact page, so please sen d me an email so I know where to send your bookmark.

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