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Character Introductions: Courtney Willis and Walter Watkins

Today's character introductions include: Courtney Willis and Walter Watkins

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead for those who have not read the first two books in the Tarragon trilogy.


Courtney Willis

Courtney Willis was a rather flamboyant and self-centered teen of seventeen. A native to the Village of Lindwyrm, she considered herself an expert in the area and loved to chase the boys, especially tourists. At least she was that way until she met Anwen. That's when she realized just how self-absorbed and shallow she really was. Since then, she's discovered there's more to who she is than she'd originally thought. Not only is she a dragon mage, but is now a champion for the last Key Keeper and Kaida of Tarragon.
Physical Appearance: Courtney has blond hair of a medium length and muddy-hazel eyes. She prefers to wear trendy clothes when possible but has no problem going rugged when necessary. Living in a mountain village, she is very fit, with good stamina and endurance.

Personality: Courtney starts out rather shallow. She grew up with a sense of privilege that went to her head. Tending towards pettiness, she hated competition and would often turn up her nose at anything she deems beneath her. She also couldn't understand why Tyler wouldn't just succumb to her good looks and charms. She was easily jealous, especially when it came to Tyler. Deep down, she's very insecure and unsure of herself. When she's not pretending to be something she's not, she's often off on her own, wishing things were different. All she really wants is to be accepted for who she is, but is afraid of showing that more sensitive and dependable side to her peers. However, once she meets Anwen, she discovers she has a greater sense of purpose in life and develops a sense of loyalty towards her new friends.

Brief History: Born of local parents, Courtney has spent her entire life in Lindwyrm Village. As a member of the elite, she gained a rather skewed vision of her importance in society. Wishing to be trained by the upper echelons of her class, she later changed her mind due to her mother's influence. When Anwen came to the Village, she was quickly thrown into the mix, learning that there is more to life than she originally realized. She decided to join the quest to wake the dragons and gives her loyalty to Anwen and Tyler. Later, she helped defeat the Mage Circle, who wished to subjugate the dragons to their will.


Walter Watkins

Walter Watkins is a native of the city of Blaucii. A bachelor of many years, he just hasn't found the right woman yet, or so he says. He doesn't like zombies, believes in being prepared, and has no problem blowing things up.
Physical description: Walter is darker in coloring. His skin has been described as reminding people of milk chocolate. He likes to keep his hair cut to military regulation length, wears functional clothing that is easy to move in, typically jeans and button-down shirts or t-shirts.
Personality: Walter is loyal to his friends and kin. He is a good leader and is innovative in a pinch. Having served in a military capacity, he knows what war is like and suffers from the occasional bouts of PTSD. He loves to cook, doesn't mind organized chaos, and has a decided sense of humor.
Brief History: Walter comes from a small family. Early on, he knew he was meant to be a soldier so he enlisted in the Reserves and became a field medic. During one training exercise, he got separated from his platoon and was rescued by Tyler. He has never forgotten that and will do anything for his friend. He has no problem just minding his own business and doing his own thing. When asked for help by Tyler, he was more than willing to repay the life-debt he owed and became part of the cause against the Mage Circle, helping to defeat the group of mages so Anwen could wake the dragons.


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