Monday, January 15, 2018

Getting Close

Hello my fellow readers!

We are getting closer to the release of Tarragon: Dragon Bane, which happens May 5th. I hope you are as excited as I about this!

To help lead up to the release, we are having a few online events, about one a month.

January, we have a book blitz for Tarragon: Key Keeper, and the ebook version is only $.99 US for the entire month! So if you haven't gotten your copy, get it now!

In February, we will have another book blitz but for Tarragon: Dragon Mage. This will occur on February 23rd. You can still sign up to help spread the word either via blog or facebook. The ebook version of Dragon Mage will be $.99 US during the month of February.

And then, finally! You will have the opportunity to see the cover for Tarragon: Dragon Bane in this lovely cover reveal, which you can also sign up for here.

And this all leads up to the release and online blog tour for Tarragon: Dragon Bane on May 5th! Event links will be shared at a later date so keep your eyes peeled!

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