Sunday, March 25, 2018

Character Introductions: Margo Pack Porter and James Porter

Today's Characters are Margo Pack Porter and her husband, James Porter: Parents of Anwen Porter.

 For those who have not read the previous books, there will be spoilers ahead.

Margo Pack Porter (Deceased)

Margo is the wife of James Porter, but returned to her maiden name of Pack upon his death. She is the mother of Anwen Porter. She raised Anwen by herself after her husband died.

Physical description: Margo is slight of build with auburn hair. She likes comfortable clothes. She is deceptively skinny looking but is actually quite strong and fast.

Personality: Margo is a sort of no-nonsense type of individual. She has no problem taking charge of a situation and will often do so without thinking. She has a soft spot for her daughter but doesn't usually show it to anyone. She was/is a devoted wife and never remarried when her husband was murdered.

Brief History: Margo grew up outside of the Village of Lindwyrm, mostly due to her grandmother taking them away from the area to preserve their family line from being polluted by the Mage Circle. On the outside, she met James Porter and fell in love. They were married and brought Anwen into the world. After her husband died, she took on the responsibility of raising her child without the help of others while keeping secret her heritage on both sides of the family. Margo was killed at the end of the battle against the Mage Circle and her soul entered the Mage Ring, which Anwen wears. When she died, she passed on the title of Kaida to her daughter.

James Porter (Deceased)

James Porter is the husband to Margo Porter, and father to Anwen Porter. Descending from a long line of the same name, James was a devoted father, a dreamer, and a designer. A graphic artist by trade, he worked by commission on various projects, including illustrating books, designing maps, and occasionally spinning a few tales of his own.

Physical Characteristics: Not much is known about James' physical appearance. He was of average build, with brown hair, and wore glasses. He preferred comfortable clothes that were functional, and often had a studious air about him.

Personality: Though studious in his craft, James was easy to get along with. He loved to tease, but could be serious when needed. A devoted husband and father, James only wanted what was best for his family. He was dedicated, loving, and protective. Like his daughter, he was more than willing to give the shirt off his back to help another, often at the expense of himself. Perceptive and generally calm, he had a way of soothing over hurts and helping others see a broader perspective on life. He tended to bring the best out of people.

Brief History: James was born in New Hope to Nathan James and Jenna Loise Porter. After college, he met Margo, and they were married. Only a few years after Anwen was born, he felt compelled to move the family to Pallose, citing work as a reason. There, he worked various jobs to support his family, spinning fantastic tales to entertain his wife and daughter. When Anwen was around eleven, he died tragically. Before he died, he charged his young daughter to one day find their ancestral home and finish the work he'd started.

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