Sunday, March 18, 2018

Character Introduction: Doc, Anise Hayward, Mr. Willis, and Kira Millard

As a sort of "lead up" to the release of Tarragon: Dragon Bane, I'd like to introduce/re-introduce you to the characters of this series. There are a few new ones and I hope to include new information on the ones you may already know and love. I will post at least one a week until the release of Dragon Bane on May 5th. We'll start with the less seen and go from there.

 For those who have not read the previous books, there will be spoilers ahead.


Today I'd like to re-introduce you to Doc and to introduce you to Mr. Willis, Kira Millard (who only shows up briefly), and Anise Hayward.


A doctor living and practicing in the Village of Lindwyrm. His real name is either unknown or never used as he goes by the nickname of "Doc" with everyone. He tends to be a bit scatter-brained but is an accomplished practitioner and can be quite observant. While you only see him briefly, he has a part to play in the whole of the story.

 Anise Hayward (deceased)

Anise Hayward is the many times great grandmother of Courtney Willis. A dragon mage, she did not follow the teaching of the Mage Circle and was ostracized by her family. They even changed their last name to distance themselves from  her. She died an honorable death serving Tarragon and the dragons who dwell therein.

Mr. Willis 

Mr. Willis is the father of Courtney Willis. While the blood of the dragon mage runs in their family, he did not inherit the ability to use its abilities. He is, however, an accomplished businessman, taking over the Dridi Inn at the end of the battle against the Mage Circle. He is kind, considerate, and tends to look out for the welfare of others.

Kira Millard (deceased)

Kira is the identical twin of Daphne Millard. Though she did not grow up in the Village of Lindwyrm, she has strong ties to it through her aunt. She is deceptive and finds nothing beneath her, be it using others or betraying them. She is manipulative and calculating, but can act with the best of them. And above all else, she seeks power.

Generally, she wears whatever fits the role she's chosen to play, though she likes cloaks. She has black hair and dark eyes, is build like a model and has a decided sense of confidence in everything she does.

Brief history: Kira was separated from her family at birth due to the suggestion of her aunt, Matilda Millard. She was raised apart from the others but knew of the existence of her twin and would often sneak into the Village to watch her in the off chance she needed to copy her. She quickly went up the ranks in the Mage Circle and served as Madame Millard's secret right hand, until she discovered the Revenants and was absorbed by them. She then became a tool in their arsenal of weapons against the dragons while still maintaining some autonomy. Her attempts to steal the soul of the acting Kaida (Margo Pack), resulted in the revelation that she had become a lesser Revenant, whereupon she was destroyed by the dragons.

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