Friday, November 14, 2014

Quick musings

Here's a quick muse for you. I'm actually currently volunteering at an anime based convention in my area. I know the CEO of the convention (con for short), and he asked me to help, which is why I haven't posted up a new episode of "Let's Talk Elf". But I do hope you've been checking out the cover reveals on my "Review" blog if you haven't.

So, I am working hard on getting my stuff done and all that jazz, but, admittedly, I may have gotten a bit over my head. I'm currently working on doing two book reviews, editing another book, trying to write on three different books while working full time and doing radio drama stuff. I know, burning the candle at both ends... and the middle. I"m a bit crazy like that. But it's what I love to do and I love doing it. Add into that the convention stuff this weekend... and well... I'm one tired kitten... So, I should have another ep. of "Let's Talk Elf" out around Monday or so, fingers crossed. If not, you know why.  And please, if you do have questions or anything you'd like to have brought up doing my little "segments", please do comment!

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