Sunday, November 16, 2014

Let's Talk Elf part four

Greetings and welcome back to Let's Talk Elf! 

I know it's been a while since we last had an episode. There have been a lot of different things going on, including work back at North Pole City, but here we are!

Today's episode it all about the holidays elves like to celebrate.

Do elves celebrate holidays? The answer to that is a resounding yes. You should already know that they celebrate Christmas. It's the main event at the North Pole, after all. As for the other holidays, in general they don't celebrate them all, but they do celebrate a good majority of them.

New Year's Eve

The elves celebrate New Year's Eve, and Day, every year. They stay up late to welcome the New Year. It's as big a tradition as Christmas is. They share time with friends, family, and loved ones. No alcohol is consumed, unlike in human society. (Most elves can't tolerate alcohol.) Instead, they drink hot cocoa, egg nog, spiced ciders, or bubbly juices. When the clock strikes midnight, they hold hands with those near, and sing songs. Many games are played. No one works New Year's Day. Even Santa gets the day off.

Valentine's Day

Just like most countries celebrate this holiday, so do the elves. They make valentines by hand and secretly give them to each other. Sometimes they hide these valentines in lockers, mailboxes, or other objects, making it a sort of game to find them. It's always fun seeing what happens when a valentine is found.

Although elves appear young in age, many still have sweethearts. These loved ones often exchange gifts to show affection. Sometimes they will lead their significant others on a wild goose chase, with a fun surprise at the end!

Labor Day 

Labor Day, while only celebrated by certain counties, is another fun holiday for Santa's little helpers. Labor Day is usually spent with friends, using the recreational facilities. Such facilities include: water parks, amusement parks, and health parks. This is a day when most elves get a day off. They take turns with the various members of their departments so that everyone gets this day off every other year. It is all very organized, perhaps more so than most countries.

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patty's Day is a real treat at North Pole City.  Anyone who is not found wearing some type of green will be sent to "green jail" for several minutes. (They are usually in there for less than ten.) This is done instead of pinching, as some cultures prefer to do.

The "green jail" is all in fun, being constructed of colored plastic pipes. And almost every elf has ended up there at least once over the years, even Santa Claus.

April Fool's Day (April 1st)

On the first of April, everyone plays practical jokes that are harmless but entertaining. The elves believe in good, clean fun. Such jokes might be someone changing the colors of another work's paint, leaving small gag gifts, or making it rain popcorn. The festivities last until midnight.

July 4th (American Independence Day)

Perhaps a bit surprising, but the elves do celebrate America's Independence Day. They recognize what life would have been like for America if independence had not been declared. The celebrate because some elves have close friends in America, or they work there with various companies and corporations. That, and the elves like to celebrate good times.


This holiday is celebrated with a feast of thanks. The elves spend the day preparing food and activities. At the end of the day, they gather together to eat what was prepared. They each offer thanks for what they have, what they have accomplished, and for life.


This amusing holiday is a wonderful day at North Pole City. All elves are allowed to wear some kind of costume. Treats are made that are shared with others. Instead of trick-or-treating, they offer little acts of kindness to those who may need such attentions. Many games are played, including traditional games from around the world.

And last, but not least:


If you have ready any of my other works, they will tell you that the elves celebrate this holiday by singing, playing, remembering, and making last minute preparations for Santa's Flight.

There is a large, ever-lit Christmas tree in the Main Rotunda of the Main Office Complex building. This tree is brightly decorated, with thousands of twinkling lights that never go out.

This is considered a great time of joy and peace. Dancing and joyful celebrating are guaranteed by all, working or not.

Well, I hope you have all enjoyed this little glimpse into elves and the main holidays they celebrate. And maybe, the next time you go to the store for one of these holidays, you might meet an elf in disguise. You never know.

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