Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Let's Talk Elf, Part Two

Welcome back to "Let's Talk Elf!" We hope you enjoyed our last program and that you will enjoy today's show as well. Today's topic is Santa Claus. So, what about Santa Claus? At the time of writing this, Santa Claus was not included in a lot of dictionaries, though I'm sure that may have changed as his popularity has grown. If a typical dictionary writer were to write the definition, it would probably go something like this: "A chubby man that wears red and is associated with Christmas." Well, let me add to that definition. Santa Claus is a loving and caring human who has gone past being selfish, and has the ability to life for over a thousand years. Now that we have a few basics under our belts, here are a few tidbits of information that have become muddled over the years. The first man considered to "hold" the title of Santa Claus was a young man by the name of Nicholas, and he was born in what is now present day Hungary. After a rather giving life, he died and was canonized by the Catholic Church. As time went on, several other men took on the mantle of St. Nicholas, with various traditions spreading out from the position. Each tradition became unique to its country of origin. There are some traditions that remain the same, all the way across the board. Those traditions include a man who brings gifts at a designated time of year in celebration of Christ's Birth. What isn't mentioned in the usual tellings is that Santa eventually discovered, or was discovered by a race that we know as elves today. With the help of these elves, Santa relocated his base of operations to the North Polar region, where what is known as the Legacy House was build inside the cavern of a giant ice berg. As time went on, the location was expanded to include what is present day North Pole City, with the North Pole Organization. Over the course of history, there have been many different men who have donned the red coat and hat. And, with faith, hope, and luck, there will always be a man willing to take on that role. Now, for those who say that Santa stole his current home, let me point this out. Santa was given the North Pole long before we even set foot in the Arctic. No one really wanted a giant chunk of ice anyway. Through the centuries, Santa was able to build North Pole City with the help of the elves. The city is more grand than New York City, or any other large metropolis, without the pollution and crime associated with those areas. And, thanks to its location underground, it is mostly undisturbed by those who are not associated with the North Pole Organization. I've had one person ask what Santa does when he's not off delivering presents and whatnot. Well, that answer to that is running the North Pole Organization in a similar manner to the President of the United States. He is the president of the Organization, and is charged with the running of and organizing of this vast network of elves and humans. Of course he has help, mainly from those just under him in authority. (This has been previously covered in character introductions. Please refer to them for more information.) Well, I just got the signal from our producers that the time is up for this episode. We hope to see you again in a few days when the next episode arrives. Until then, don't hesitate to leave a comment about any questions you may have! And remember, you can now buy a copy of The Unknown Elf at most major retailers online.

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