Saturday, November 8, 2014

Let's Talk Elf, Part Three

Hello and welcome to the third installment of "Let's Talk Elf"! It looks like our information is more than enough to our readers. Since that is the case, we'll carry on with the scripted program. Today, we will be discussing elf treatment and equality. Several years ago, a radio talk show host did a program about Christmas and elves. One of their major point was that elves are mistreated and underpaid. I would like to beg to differ. Let me put it bluntly. The elves are not underpaid. they receive a monthly income, as well as access to all that is in the North Pole Organization for free. Yes, you heard me, free. Meals, energy, housing, entertainment, all free. The money is in case they choose to go out and about in human society so that they have some spending cash. The amount each elf gets is dependent on seniority and location. After all, the differences in national economies must be taken into account. The typical elf's work schedule follows an eight to ten hour work day, with frequent breaks throughout. They are given a fifteen minute break every two hours, with a lunch break in the middle of their shift, which is approximately an hour long. Everyone, and every living creature inside the North Pole Organization is treated with respect. Violence is practically unheard of. It is true that each elf has a title, but they are treated with the same level of respect and regard. The most respected individual is, of course, Santa Claus. Everyone plays an important role in the carefully designed government, each with a meaningful job. And all are given a say in any matter, unless it involves executive decisions, which are only made to ensure the safety of the elves and Santa Claus. These decisions are made after careful deliberation by the North Pole Council. When not working, there are plenty of different things the elves can do. There are many recreational facilities around North Pole City, with the freedom to travel to other destinations if so desired. Health and sanity are taken into careful consideration, with a comprehensive medical facility available at all for whatever purpose, be it minor injuries or illness, or something much more major. Mental health professionals are provided to all in need of such. No elf, or animal, is required to work when they are not in peak physical condition. There is also a highly trained team of veterinarians for all animals. As for the reindeer, they are well groomed and taken care of. There is a vast plot of land set aside on the outskirts of North Pole city where they are allowed to graze and play. This area is also used for training purposes, such as flight training. There are several teams of reindeer housed inside the massive stables. Well folks, that's all the time we have for this go around. Feel free to comment about any questions or other comments you may have about this segment, or any previous ones, and we will be sure to answer/address them in the next episode!

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