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Character Introductions for Tarragon: Dragon Mage The Millards

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As I said in the previous post, the release of Tarragon: Dragon Mage is approaching. As such, I wanted to introduce you to a few new characters, as well as brush up on some of the characters from the first book, Key Keeper. I have created a page with the original character introductions from last year, in case you wanted to go take a look, but I plan on expanding on some of them between now and the release of Tarragon: Dragon Mage. You might find some of this information insightful.

As I did last year, I am offering some prizes for those who suggest the best actor for the character. There will be one or two character introductions/updates per week, to give you time to come up with your casting ideas. You may enter each week for a different prize. See below for contest details. Remember, to enter, you must comment with your pick of actor/actress, with a brief explanation of why you think they'd fit the role.

To start off, I would like to re-introduce the characters of Mr. and Madame Millard, who play a slightly larger role in this story.

Mr. Millard

Mr. Millard is the husband of Madame Millard and is her partner at the Dridi Inn in the Village of Lindwyrm. They are also both dragon mages in the Mage Circle. Mr. Millard is an older chap, with a cold heart he manages to hide from those who do not know him. He also is responsible for the death of many Key Keepers over the years, accidentally leaving one Key Keeper behind.

Personality: He is devoted to his wife and will do almost anything for her. He is also cold, calculating, and tends to keep to himself unless his particular skill sets are required. He is an avid hunter, tends to like scaring younger children, and has no qualms with "being the bad guy" in the relationship.

Appearance: Mr. Millard is of medium build, strong but not overly muscular. His hair has grayed over the years and his face is wrinkled from age and malice. He has sharp eyes but keeps well groomed.

Brief History: Mr. Millard grew up in the Village of Lindwyrm. A member of the "upper class" of the village, he generally associated with those of power, which is how he met his wife, Matilda Millard. When they were married, instead of having her take on his last name, he took on hers. Together, they started the Dridi Inn.

 Madame Matilda Millard

Madame Matilda Millard is the joint owner and proprietress of the Dridi Inn in the Village of Lindwyrm. Enjoying the status of the upper echelons of the elite class in the village, Matilda is quite the force to be reckoned with. A bit of a busy body, she is respected, and feared, by her peers. Not only is she a forbidding force in the Village hierarchy, but she also holds sway as the master mage of the Mage Circle, a group of dragon mages bent on either the destruction or domination of dragon kind. As such, she considers herself above pretty much anyone not included in the upper echelons of the Mage Circle, called the Inner Circle.

Physical appearance: Matilda is quite overweight, but is deceptively strong for her large girth. She is also a lot faster than most would give her credit for. She tends towards clothes that are comfortable and slightly out of fashion. She belongs to a somewhat older era. As an older woman, she has gray mixed in with her darker hair, with wrinkles from both age and scowling, with the occasional smile thrown in.

Personality: Matilda is fastidious. She likes things in an exact way, bordering on sever OCD. She holds a tight reign on her business, and over her husband. She is a puppet master with a bit of a malicious streak to her. Like the others of her "rank", she feels herself entitled to all the best in life and has no problem scoffing at those beneath her. She also has no problem going after those who she feels threatens her plans.

Brief History: Born into the upper class, Matilda always knew she was destined for greatness. As she aged, eventually married, and watched her siblings marry and have children, she felt some small regret that she couldn't have offspring. But she found comfort in knowing her niece more than made up for her lack of children by acting as a surrogate daughter.

So, who do you think might fit these roles? Enter for your chance to win an ebook copy of Tarragon: Key Keeper! 


Contest rules: Must be at least twelve to enter. Those under the age of 18 require parent/legal guardian permission to enter. All decisions are final. Prizes will be awarded to the author's pick. Any information collected to distribute said prizes will not be shared, rented, sold, or otherwise given to any other entity, nor will it be used by anyone else, or for any other purpose other than to deliver the prize to the winner of each week. 

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