Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Character introductions for Dragon Mage: Daphne and Josef and Kira

Last week's winner is Ashley Martinez! She suggested Brandon Fraser for the role of James Porter, Anwen's departed father. I could go for that. 

Ashley, don't forget to contact me to claim your prize!

Now for this week's character introduction/re-introductions! (Warning, spoilers from Key Keeper. I hope you've already read that one!)


Daphne Millard

Daphne Millard is a popular girl in Lindwyrm Village. Daughter of one of the upper echelon families, she grew up with a lot of privilege. At eighteen, she is engaged to Josef Forster, another local teen. At least she was until she got buried beneath a ton of rock inside the halls of Tarragon. But she has a secret, aside from being a dragon mage. Not everyone who dies stays dead....

Physical appearance: Daphne has long, black hair. Her eyes are chocolate brown, and she's relatively thin, with a graceful body. She prefers to wear fashionable clothing and likes to wear her hair loose.

Personality: Daphne is a bit of a socialite. She snubs anyone she doesn't feel is on her level, including Courtney. Born into a wealthy family, she grew up with all the modern conveniences the Village had to offer. Because her father holds a place on the town council, she feels a sense of superiority towards the majority of its citizens, but seems mostly engrossed with her boyfriend.

Brief History: Daphne has lived in the Village all of her life, except for a brief jaunt away due to curiosity. Finding she didn't like life outside the Village, she returned to train in her family's trade. Childhood friends with Josef, it was only natural that they become engaged.She was "killed" inside the Mountain while attempting to destroy Anwen.

Josef Forster

 19-year-old native of Lindwyrm Village, Josef Forster is engaged to Daphne Millard. Josef is a relatively quiet individual. He lives to please Daphne, and would do anything for her.  . He maintains a day job in the Village, but spends most of his time with Daphne. He has no problem with showing a little PDA, but keeps it to a minimum.

Physical appearance: Tall, but not really lanky, Josef is fairly nondescript in appearance. His hair is dark and he likes to wear casual but rugged clothes, eyes are hazel in color

Personality: Josef is fairly easy going, but is overly devoted to his fiance, Daphne. When she goes missing, he refuses to take anything short of physical evidence to show she's really gone.Although on the introverted side, he likes a good joke and is easy to get along with. He has a sense of right and wrong but is, unfortunately, a bit easy to manipulate by any skilled dragon mage. Part of him wishes he'd been born a mage as well.


Not much is known about this character, but she plays a major role in the story.

Kira is a mysterious woman associated with the Mage Circle. Though she did not grow up in the Village of Lindwyrm, she has strong ties to it, through her aunt. She is deceptive and finds nothing beneath her, be it using others or betraying them. She is manipulative and calculating, but can act with the best of them. And above all else, she seeks power.

Generally, she wears whatever fits the role she's chosen to play, though she likes cloaks. She has black hair and dark eyes, is build like a model and has a decided sense of confidence in everything she does.

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