Wednesday, December 2, 2020

A poem for Fall/Winter

 I just wanted to share this poem I wrote back in 2016.


The wind rustles through the trees, sending leaves scattering to the ground. I stare at patterns of fallen souls as they lay on the ground. Between the falling leaves, I spy a squirrel or two. And between them, water that trickles like blood from a cut. A mallard drifts lazily by in the clear yet muddy colored water. Shorn stone leads down to the water in layers of packed sediment. I want to lean towards the water, to look over the edge, but hesitate. What if I should fall? The water looks deep in places, far deeper than I can swim. But the beauty of the moment is easy to take in. With the sky overcast, the clouds waiting to cry, I can't help but feel at one with the world. The brisk breeze teases my hair, leaving fallen debris in its wake. If only I could reach up to the treetops and let the breeze carry me away.

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