Thursday, August 20, 2015

Random Musings about the end of another school year

Hey all. I know that for most, it's more of a beginning of a school year than an end to one. Well, for me, it's both. Today marks the last day of the school year at the preschool I work at. Tomorrow is our "clean like mad because Open House is Saturday" day. And Monday is the start of our new school year. 

I don't know if every preschool is like that or not, but it sure is super crazy for us. It's bittersweet to have an ending this week. There are some of the kids who I will miss more than others. And, admittedly, I'm totally okay with some of the others moving on to the next class. In a way, I'm moving up with them.

There have been a lot of changes and things happening in my life the past few weeks. My husband's surgery, editing books, ending a school year, having to replace a tire on my husband's car, my getting sick.... the list goes on. I feel like I need a super long vacation, which I know I won't be getting any time soon.

Though my tenure as a preschool teacher hasn't necessarily landed me any story ideas (on that venture), it's been an interesting ride so far. Admittedly, I'd like to have the time, now, to settle down and get into some serious writing, instead of catching what moments I can to do so. But, that is not yet to be, though I hope it will be soon.

Not sure what this new school year will bring, other than a change in my work schedule. I get to work the last shift instead of one of the middle, but at least my hubby now has a day job instead of a night job, so that helps out just a little.

I've had some ideas for the third book in my dragon series. (Still waiting to hear back from the agent on that one.) And I hope I can get those ideas down on paper soon. It's just been so hectic and stressful that my inner three-year-old is having temper tantrums. Not the best of circumstances, if you ask me. But it is what it is.

Any who, my time this morning is short and I need to finish getting ready for this last day of this school year.....Keep writing!

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