Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Bit About Kas: Character Introduction: Christoph

The fifth character I would like to introduce you to is Christoph.


Christoph doesn't show up until about halfway through the novel. He was a fun one to write, though, and is full of surprises. Here's this description from the book.

He was tall, five or so inches taller than me, and slender but well built. He had the kind of shoulders a girl could cry on. His light reddish hair moved in the breeze in an almost mesmerizing way. But it was his eyes that held my attention. They were deep eyes, green and perfect, with little flecks of dark amber. A girl could drown in those eyes. 
He wore a tunic-like shirt over dark breeches, also green. He had a cap on his head with an emerald-green feather sticking out from the side, like a hatpin. He reminded me of the picture I’d seen back at the castle, the Robin Hood picture I noticed my first night there. The eyes were similar, but more alive.
I don't know if this is every girl's idea of "dreamy" but he sure is close to mine! Confession, I've always had a soft spot for red-headed people.

Christoph is as gentle and awesome a guy as any girl could want, at least any girl into fantasy/adventure stories. Though I'm sure any girl wouldn't mind getting to know him.

He's a protective kind of person, but not prone to overreacting, and is reasonable. He likes to take long walks and ride horses, a definite plus. Strong, without flaunting his strength, Christoph is the kind of guy a girl could rely on. Smart, sexy (without trying), wise, and just full of good advice, he's just one amazing guy.

And the absolute bonus? (though I can't remember if I mention this in the book or not) He's a prince. Yes, an honest to goodness prince. (I might have just given something away there.... hope not!) What's not to like about him?

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