Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Bit About Kas: Character Introduction: Huntsford

The fourth character I would like to introduce is Huntsford. Though not exactly a "main" character, he is still as important as any of the others.


Huntsford is the Master of the Horse. An older gent, Huntsford is an amazing individual.

He was about six feet tall. His face was clean-shaven and tanned.
Kas comes to rely on his companionship for at least a part of the story. He teaches her how to ride a horse, giving her valuable knowledge, while helping her adapt to her new life.

I was desperate to remember everything he so patiently taught me. And his patience surprised me. He answered my stupid questions, repeating instructions when I was overwhelmed. Something told me that he must have been a wonderful father. He was old enough to be mine, after all.

Compassionate, caring, and ever patient, Huntsford makes the perfect teacher, and the perfect person to care for animals. But he is not without his own sense of amusement and fun. He is also a demanding teacher, in that he doesn't take things by halves. You give it your all or not at all.

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