Thursday, January 15, 2015

More random musings

Herein shall I write that which comes to my fingers.... in other words, whatever I feel like typing for the next five minutes or so, give or take.

It has been a rather long week, and I can safely say that I will be glad when I head home from work tomorrow.  Fingers crossed, I will have several pages full of story to type up. I am working on the third book of my Tarragon series. And no, not really anyone, outside of a small handful of people have read it. Unfortunately for those who are curious, it might stay that way for at least another couple of months, but we'll see. I might change my mind.

Current projects include writing the third part of my story mentioned above (think dragons), querying out for Kas, which I've shared a bit about already, getting my voice actors to send me in their lines for our production of Fruits Basket....Totally amateur production there. Then there's lesson plans for work, news letter, calendar, high lights on the lesson plans, goals.... never ends... as I prepare to do potential parent-teacher conferences. That one depends on if the parents of any of my "primary" kids sign up for a conference, which, admittedly, I'm hoping they won't. But we'll see. They have a week or two to make up their minds.

That being said, I'm a busy little munchkin. But what have I done the last few nights after work? Watch anime with my hubby. What are we watching? Rurouni Kenshin. There's just something about Kenshin that is just awesome. And if you haven't seen the live action movie... well, it is rather bloody.... samurais and swords and guns and such. Definitely not something to show a little kid. The anime is less flashy and violent, but still for a more mature audience.

And then, The Mentalist.... For some odd reason, I really like watching crime solving/mystery type shows. You know, the whole "who dunnit" kind of deal. But when I try to write any kind of mystery of my own... well, I'm definitely not on par with the likes of Sir Arthur Canon Doyle. But, I do like to think that I write a good thriller, of sorts. If you haven't checked out my writing yet, I do suggest you give it a shot. You don't have to buy it, but I would like to challenge you to at least read the "sample chapters" that are available. You never know, you might like them. You can find them on Amazon here:

Well, my kitty is calling to me and telling me that I've been on for closer to ten minutes. She thinks it is dinner time, and she's right. Dinner for her. Bed for me. Fun times. And enjoy reading!

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