Saturday, January 10, 2015

Here's a snippet for you

Hey all, thought I'd give you a snippet from one of my stories....just for the fun of it.  This is from Kas, which I hope to publish later on this year.

But first, a bit of an explanation of a place in my book.

The Waymeet of World - A convergence of time and space. It is a meeting of dimensions, alternate realities, fantasy and reality combined into one. Anything and everything you have ever dreamed or hoped for. Everything you have ever feared or despised. It is here that you learn who you are. It is here that you find your destiny. It is here that the worlds meet.  This is the Waymeet of Worlds and there are but a few ways to escape its terrible tragedies or to win over all possible doubt and failure. The power is inside you, to conquer your demons or fall by them. This is where you become who you were born to be.

 This comes from the end of Chapter Two.

A wolf called out and I hugged my wet shirt closer around me, goose bumps running around my skin.  I heard another twig snap, and the faint breath of someone behind me. My mind raced. “Don’t turn around. Just don’t turn around. Run,” it seemed to say but I hesitated. My limbs were frozen. “Run, you idiot. Run!”
The almost yelled advice woke me from my paralysis and I ran. I realized, only after I’d started into some disjointed stride of panic, that I’d been the one to yell. And not just in my mind, but out loud. I didn’t even look back to see what I was running from. Then the panic set in. The tree branches tried to grab at my clothing but couldn’t without grabbing me too. I wouldn’t let them grab me. But they didn’t seem to bother with that. I felt like they had changed their goal and were now trying to trip me. That thought alone made me run all the harder.
I heard my breath now, coming in short gasps. I didn’t know how much more my body could take. I imagined myself being chased by a pack of hungry wolves, which gave me added speed, adrenaline pumping through my veins.
The trees seemed to reach out farther and my ears fancied the sounds of voices calling. It was some strange language that sounded unnatural to my ears. And there, in the background, was the sound of wolves howling. A root lifted of its own accord and tripped me, the rocks dancing to stand in my way. I was still falling when I hit the ground.

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