Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Late Spring Cleaning

 Hey all, just figured I better give y'all an update on things.

I've been trying to update the website a bit, some Spring Cleaning, as it were. I have added to author pages for those publishing under the DragonKey Press Banner: Allison Platero and Daniel Lucas. Feel free to check them out.

Publishing-wise, our next release will be The White Raven Saga: The Price of Fire (book one), by Daniel Lucas. This is expected to release August 5th.  Current information for this can be found on our "Books by author authors" page.  I will post more information as we get closer, including a cover reveal.

As for myself, I have started to write a new story, though I'm not yet sure how far I can go with it, or how fast. So, while I've managed to publish a book every year, in my name, that might not happen this year. There's a lot up in the air on that end. But I can say I have adapted many of my YA books into screenplays, one of which I have entered into the Austin Film Festival. I'll let yo know how that goes. It takes place at the end of October.

And that's about it for now, folks. I hope you guys enjoy heading into summer and that you keep reading!

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