Friday, November 15, 2019

I know it's now Mid November but....

Hey guys, I know I"m like super behind in keeping things up to date. I can only blame catching a nasty cold on that. It's knocked my socks off, and not in a good way. Still working on fighting it, to be honest, so sorry for not being as communicative as I usually am!

That being said, I'm actually putting together the audio chapters of my Tarragon series and have an official release date of January 15th. I hope to work hard on putting more chapters together over Thanksgiving and the Winter Holiday, but please remember that I'm also moonlighting as a school crossing guard, and it is cold and flu season. Yikes!

If you haven't checked out my other books, feel free to do so. I will try to get them on a discount for the holidays. Remember, all but The Unknown Elf and Kas are now available in hardcover.

Sorry this is short and all that, but I did want to give a head's up on that. Fingers crossed I can get a teaser trailer up for my audio project soon.

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