Thursday, April 6, 2017

Character Introductions for Dragon mage Tyler and Courtney

Congrats to Ashley Martinez for her suggestions for Walter and Margo! 

Ashley suggested Shemar Moore for Walter and Kate Winslet for Margo. I could see that for both characters. 

Ashley, make sure you contact me with the information necessary to send your prize, a paperback copy Tarragon: Key Keeper!

Now for this week's characters. While Courtney and Tyler are old friends by now, I wanted to share a bit more about them this go around.

Tyler Durand

Tyler Durand is a hermit of sorts. At the apparent age of 17, he lives on his own, with no parents to speak of. He takes on the odd job in the Village of Lindwyrm, helping out those in need, and acting as a local guide to various historical attractions. At least he did until he met Anwen and decided to help her with her quest to figure out her family history. Turns out he's actually a dragon trying to save the rest of his people with only the help of an age-old prophecy.


In mortal form, Tyler stands about five foot seven, with light brown hair and dazzling blue eyes (the color of Lake Wyvern), and is fit and athletic. Solid yet decidedly not overweight, Tyler prefers to wear casual and somewhat rugged wear. Perhaps this is due to his constant hiking and working with his hands. He is very expressive, and almost every single girl in the Village wishes he was hers. 
In dragon form, he resembles the majestic Western-style dragons, with silver-blue scales and a decidedly ridged back.

Personality: Tyler is caring and friendly. He's outgoing and likes to help others. But he is also perceptive and can read the intentions of others. He's very observant and idealistic.  He is also very loyal to those he considers his "family". And while he really doesn't care for snobbery and the small-mindedness of most people, he puts up with it with a smile. His patience seems to know no bounds. His personality allows him to socialize with ease, even in awkward situations, turning a phrase or joke to lighten any dark mood. He seems able to manipulate the very emotional atmosphere around him. Many in the Village consider him to be mysterious, mostly because they don't know much about his origins.

Brief History: Tyler belongs to the dragons of Tarragon, the only living dragon outside the sealed Mountain. He has lived several mortal life-times outside the mountain in search of the Key Keeper who will open the Mountain and restore the dragons to their rightful domain. Upon finding Anwen, he learns she's the Keeper he's been waiting for. With the help of Courtney, he takes Anwen on a crazy adventure to open the Mountain and free the dragons, revealing that he is the last dragon outside.


Courtney Willis

Courtney Willis was a rather flamboyant and self-centered teen of seventeen. A native to the Village of Lindwyrm, she considered herself an expert in the area, and loved to chase the boys, especially tourists. At least it was until she met Anwen. That's when she realized just how self-absorbed and shallow she really was. Since then, she's discovered there's more to who she is than she'd originally thought. Not only is she a dragon mage, but is now a champion for the last Key Keeper.

Physical Appearance: Courtney has blond hair of a medium length, and muddy-hazel eyes. She prefers to wear trendy clothes, the better to catch unsuspecting boys' hearts. Considered a bit of a beauty in the Village, she has a high concept of herself and her looks. Living in a mountain village, she is very fit, with good stamina and endurance.

Personality: Courtney starts out rather shallow. She grew up with a sense of privilege that has gone to her head. Tending towards pettiness, she hates competition and will often turn up her nose at anything she deems beneath her. She also can't understand why Tyler won't just succumb to her good looks and charms. She is easily jealous, especially when it comes to Tyler. Deep down, she's very insecure and unsure of herself. When she's not pretending to be something she's not, she's often off on her own, wishing things were different. All she really wants is to be accepted for who she is, but is afraid of showing that more sensitive and dependable side to her peers. However, once she meets Anwen, she discovers she has a greater sense of purpose in life and develops a sense of loyalty towards her new friends.

Brief History: Born of local parents, Courtney has spent her entire life in Lindwyrm Village. As a member of the elite, she gained a rather skewed vision of her importance in society. Wishing to be trained by the upper echelons of her class, she later changed her mind due to her mother's influence. When Anwen comes to the Village, she is quickly thrown into the mix, learning taht there is more to life than she originally realized. She decides to join the quest to wake the dragons and gives her loyalty to Anwen and Tyler.

Who would you pick to play these characters? Comment for your chance to win a an ebook copy of both Key Keeper and Dragon Mage!

Contest rules: Must be at least twelve to enter. Those under the age of 18 require parent/legal guardian permission to enter. All decisions are final. Prizes will be awarded to the author's pick. Any information collected to distribute said prizes will not be shared, rented, sold, or otherwise given to any other entity, nor will it be used by anyone else, or for any other purpose other than to deliver the prize to the winner of each week.

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