Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A little sad news for you

I have a little sad news today. I was hoping more people would enter our "Create A Dragon" contest. But, only one person did.  So, Ashley Meleski! You are a winner!  And here's her dragon.

Isn't it fabulous? I love it!

 So, since that didn't go as planned, I'm hoping future contests and drawings will do better.

As an update, I'm working on editing Dragon Mage. And, there will be a cover reveal within the next couple of months. And believe me when I say it should be awesome!

I'm hoping to have another giveaway through Goodreads soon. This time will be for The Unknown Elf, just in time for Christmas. 

Also, keep an eye out for information on the Frisco Book Fest, which is coming up in November. That is taking place in Frisco, Texas. And I plan on being there with autographed copies of Tarragon: Key Keeper.

Until then, keep an open eye!

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