Sunday, September 4, 2016

Congrats to our End of Summer Winners!

I would like to offer congratulations to our End of Summer Giveaway winners! I appreciate everyone's participation.


Beth Ann Miller won a copy of Tarragon: Key Keeper.
Serena Manickam won a copy of Kas.
And Caryl Kane won a copy of The Unknown Elf.

Now, I"d like to share some of the answers to my questions. In case you don't remember, here are those questions:

What you love about fantasy books?  
What your favorite mythical creature(s) is/are and why? 
What fantasy world would you rather be stuck in for a few days?

Caryl Kane said: 
 I love the dragons and the mythical worlds of the fantasy genre.  I am amazed at the creativity in this genre.

Mary Preston shared the following: 
 I love the excitement & the unexpected in a fantasy read. Worlds are created & the most amazing creatures roam free. I do love dragons. I think it's the magic & power. I'd love to lose myself in the world of Harry Potter. I just need a wand.

Ashley Martinez's enthusiasm showed through with this:
I love fantasy books because I love how anything is possible. Your imagination is the limit.
My favorite fantasy creature is dragon because they're awesome lol they are fierce, protective and can fly!
And I'd love to be stuck in the Dark Hunter World! So many different creatures and sexy men! 

I hope you enjoyed this contest. Keep your eyes peeled for more contests to come!

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