Monday, March 28, 2016

Tarragon Character Introduction: Courtney Willis

This week's character introduction is for Courtney Willis.

Oh, and just in case you wondered, anyone can enter, more than once. After this week, there are only two contests left! So get casting!
Courtney Willis is a rather flamboyant and self-centered teen of seventeen. A native to the Village of Lindwurm, she considers herself an expert in the area, and loves to chase the boys, especially tourists. Her goal in life is to capture the heart of Tyler Durand, the only boy she hasn't managed to wrap around her little finger.

Physical Appearance: Courtney has blond hair  of a medium length, and muddy-hazel eyes. She prefers to wear trendy clothes, the better to catch unsuspecting boys' hearts. Considered a bit of a beauty in the Village, she has a high concept of herself and her looks. Living in a mountain village, she is very fit, with good stamina and endurance.

Personality: Courtney starts out rather shallow. She grew up with a sense of privilege that has gone to her head. Tending towards pettiness, she hates competition and will often turn up her nose at anything she deems beneath her. She also can't understand why Tyler won't just succumb to her good looks and charms. She is easily jealous, especially when it comes to Tyler. Deep down, she's very insecure and unsure of herself. When she's not pretending to be something she's not, she's often off on her own, wishing things were different. All she really wants is to be accepted for who she is, but is afraid of showing that more sensitive and dependable side to her peers.

Brief History: Born of local parents, Courtney has spent her entire life in Lindwurm Village. As a member of the elite, she gained a rather skewed vision of her importance in society. Wishing to be trained by the upper echelons of her class, she later changed her mind due to her mother's influence.

Courtney should be easier to find someone to play.  I've given you so much information about her! As such, I'm  upping the ante on this one.

 So let's see who you would pick and maybe you'll win a Tarragon map poster! And if that doesn't inspire you to spread the word, just wait until you see what next week's prize is! (poster measures appr. 11x17 in)

Last week's winner is Allison Jackson! While she was the only person to enter, her suggestion of Ian McKellen is causing me to possibly rethink my personal pick for the character of Kern Nurrim! Congrats!

Disclaimer: Any information collected about the winner will only be used to send the winning person's prize to them. Such information will not be stored, shared, sold, etc. So enter with confidence!


  1. evanna lynch

  2. or maybe annasophia robb

  3. I have to say Dakota Fanning.

    1. Mary, If you get this, please check my latest blog post for instructions on claiming your prize!