Saturday, July 11, 2015

Who all writes fan fiction?

I have found a reconnection, lately, with the genre of fan fiction. Admittedly, most of what I write in that are tends towards anime and manga related stories, but I wondered who all out there writes, or has written fan fiction.

I find that fan fiction is not only fun, but also helps me improve my craft. It can be a challenge to get into a character's head, especially one you didn't originally create. But when you do get into their "heads", it's rewarding and challenging.

Right now I am working on writing a fan fiction that crosses anime/manga with Doctor Who.Crazy, right? Well, if there are great writers out there who have done it, so can I. I hear there are a bunch of writers who got their start through fan fiction.

So, what exactly is fan fiction? Well, in a nutshell, it's fiction written by fans. Some of it is really good. Some is not so good. Ideas can be really awesome or just mundane, just like in any other genre. And inside fan fiction stands all the typical genres as well, well, in the fiction area. It would be really weird and hard, I think, to have a non-fiction fan fiction. Could just be me.

In my original works I lean towards fantastical and comfort/hurt with a dash of game changing growth in my characters and plots. It's the same with my fan fiction. I admit, though, that I don't give my fan fiction the same level of editing as my original works.

That being said, how does like reading a good continuation of a story they never thought would be finished? Or a potential sub-plot that just fits in there somehow, though you never thought it would? Or, how about something totally off the wall that seems like it couldn't happen ever but then, somehow turns out amazing? Like salsa and chocolate ice cream. The combo, admittedly, still sounds really weird to me.

If you are not into writing fan fiction, but would rather read it, I can recommend two sources for your fix. and I actually post to both. But there are a TON of amazing fan fictions out there, some more well written than others. But all in all, there is something for everyone, from anime/manga to popular television shows, previously written novels by some of the best authors out there, to who knows what. It's like exploring an entirely new kettle of fish. You never know when you might find a mermaid stuck in there somewhere, or a rare seashell or blue lobster or whatever strikes your fancy.  If you haven't taken a look at the idea of fan fiction, I highly suggest you do.

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