Friday, June 12, 2015

Looking for Avid Readers

Hey all. As some of you may know, I have published a few books now (two to be exact, and one short story). And since I'm still new in the whole world of publishing, I am in need of ways to get my works out there more.

With this in mind, I would like to open up this offer. I am willing to give you (Yes, give you, as in FREE) a digital copy of one of my two books, Kas, or The Unknown Elf, to read, with the understanding that you will post up a review on all the usual sites, such as, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, etc. I want honest reviews.

I'll even let you decide which book you want to review. If you want to participate in this event, please shoot me an email (you can find it on my contact page). This will also enter you for my newsletter, which will only be sent out when I have something really worth sharing that I want to send out to my readers first.

Here's the blurb for Kas:

Most teenagers don’t have a voice talking in their heads, but that’s pretty normal for Kas. It’s been there her whole life, giving her directions, keeping her from harm. When the voice advises against the family picnic in the mountains, she’s sure there’s a reason, but convincing her mom is another matter.

While in the mountains, Kas accidentally stumbles on a gateway to another dimension. Almost immediately, her life is in peril. From a disembodied man known only as Milord and a hoard of hooded men who want her soul, she doesn’t know who to trust in this strange place where dreams become reality. As Kas learns more about who she is and how she came to the Waymeet of Worlds, it becomes clear that someone is lying to her. But is it the voice she’s known her whole life or the new friends she finds in Milord’s castle. Choosing the wrong people to trust could cost her soul and prevent her from fulfilling her destiny.

And the blurb for The Unknown Elf:

Marie never expected to wake up in North Pole City, let alone become Santa’s Emergency Replacement. It was a job she never wanted but couldn’t turn down, thanks to Clarence, Santa’s right hand man. Now, Marie has to work with Clarence, who believes she is some kind of criminal who will cause the destruction of everything he holds dear.
Trying to prove that he’s wrong, Marie keeps making mistakes that push them even further apart. It doesn’t help that she has a past she’d rather keep hidden. However, trying to keep her past where it should belong isn’t easy.
Just when Marie starts to feel like things are coming together, a madman with a bone to pick, and Christmas to ruin, threatens the whole of the North Pole Organization. Marie must rely on Clarence and her new friends to help her face her past before Christmas is gone forever. But does she have the courage to truly be herself when it could mean losing everything?

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