Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Bit About Kas: Character Introductions: Kishan

What story would be complete without a villain of some sort? That is why I thought you might like to get a glimpse of the "bad guy", as it were.


“What do you know of Kishan?” Milord’s voice was intent, almost watchful.

I tried to think. “He’s… He’s a hooded man who steals souls.” Somewhere deep inside, I knew there was more to this but didn’t dare look beyond what I’d said. 
“Yes,” Milord confirmed. “But some might say he destroys them. He is a dark wizard with many talents, none of them good. It is unfortunate that you have caught his attention.”
As the passage above says, Kishan is a rather bad dude. Not much is actually known about this character, from an inside perspective. (I'll let you make your own decisions about him when you read about him.)

He is most often seen wearing a dark colored cloak, has several followers, deals in dark arts, and is not someone you want to mess with. Kas comes across him on several occasions throughout the story. None of those encounters end well.

If I had to picture him, I would go between a cross of a ring wraith and a dementor, but with a very dark brown cloak, instead of black. Maybe something like a demented, hooded monk?

I suppose the main question is "why is a dark wizard interested in Kas?"

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