Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Finally publishing with Dorcha Adhmad

Greetings all! Yes, tis I, that crazy writer lady with the crazy ginger cat.

Actually, I'm not really all that crazy. I just can't vouch for the cat. But I love her.

Anyway, I'm posting to give some news that I think is exciting. I'm publishing my first ever eBook! Tis a nice short story, and I mean short. It's at about 9,300 words, or eight printed pages long. And it was originally written back when I was in the eight grade. However, I have revised and tweaked and made it all nice and neat and will be releasing it to the world October 1, 2014! And, as for now, it's in Kindle format only. I plan on adding a few other formats later, but one step at a time!

Dorcha Adhmad, or The Dark Forest, is a story about two boys in a place that could be Ireland. I'm not going to admit one way or the other, but it could be Ireland. Well, let's just say that they hear a ghost story from one of the boy's grandmother's and... somehow end up stuck in the story.

Those who I've let read it so far seem to quite enjoy it and I hope that everyone else who reads it will enjoy it as well. So give it a read when it comes out and let your friends borrow it as well. I think you'll like it, especially if you like a good ol' fashioned ghost story!

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