Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wandering into the deeps

Greetings all.  So, did a massive overhaul-esque edit of my story this weekend, and can finally say that I will not, unless an editor of some publishing company requests it, do any more editing on this manuscript. I have already sent out queries to several different agencies for potential representation, and will be sending some more very soon. Fingers are crossed that everything will work out and I'll get a bite!

In other news, we have adopted a cat. Yep, every writer needs one to distract them and love and cuddle them. She's a little ginger named Kally Kat and she's adorable! And currently hacking up a hair ball, apparently.....

We are also trying to become more independent on a lot of different things. Debts. Gotta love them. Actually, don't owe much to anyone, so that's a good thing.

The main news, I guess, is that my hubby and I have now officially been married for a full year! Unfortunately, it fell on the same day as my paternal grandfather's funeral. He died the week of our anniversary. Regrettably, I was unable to attend the funeral, but we did do our best to try and honor him by going out and doing things he'd have liked.

In general, nothing hugely thoughtful to add, just updates. Fingers crossed, I'll have a new episode of my radio drama out soon... and more on my dragon story. Working on the second "section", or book two, as the case may be. I should go back and edit, but when the writing bug hits, you gotta run with it!

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