Friday, October 30, 2009

so this is how it is

hello to one and all.... it has been a very long time since i last posted on blogger, under a different name and email, for that matter. let us see who finds me now eh? and let us see exactly how much i end up blogging here as i am quite content to blog on myspace... however.... that may or may not change, pending on how things go with this. livejournal just was no fun..... and facebook... well, there's no blogging tool there, and since i was first introduced to blogging, i have found that i rather enjoy doing it and that it's rather interesting to do so who knows what shall be on this blogger, eh? who knows indeed.

for the time being, i can safely say that things are going well... i live in the desert heat, with sweltering humidity in high summer, ocean close, but mountains... not so close... middle of nowhere, but metropolis just the same. outside experience, but not for long. we'll see how long i last, won't we? this makes day number 14. in one week, it will be 21

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