The Unknown Elf Character Introductions

Here is an introduction to the characters in The Unknown Elf.


Clarence is the Head of Operations for the North Pole Organization. Basically speaking, he's Santa's right hand man... er elf. It is his job to make sure everything runs smoothly so that Santa can focus on such things as making the Naughty and Nice list, acting as head of the North Pole Council, among other things. He gets to go places Santa doesn't, and shouldn't (for security reasons). Basically, he's the second in command, jointly with the Emergency Replacement Specialist, who is equal in rank and authority with him.
But enough about the humdrum of his job. I'm sure that some people would like to get the gnitty gritty about this character.

So, Clarence has dark hair and brown eyes. He likes to wear his hair in an almost braided style, making it look "yarn-like" in appearance. He's also relatively tall for an elf, though not as tall as, say, a basketball player. I'd say he's about.... 5'6", give or take. And, as far as physical appearance, he looks like an older teenager, with some potential anger management issues.

You see, when Clarence was younger, he had a handful of friends pull a really nasty prank on him, which could have caused some serious damage. Thankfully, he was rescued from the situation, but has had trust issues since then.

Personality-wise, Clarence is the kind of guy who, unless he knows you, will be suspicious of you, especially if you meet under unusual circumstances, which happens in the story. He likes to put on a "tough" exterior for everyone to see, making everyone believe that he's all "no muss" and constantly angry. But, deep down inside, he's more of a cream puff. Once you're accepted into his circle of trust, you're in there for life, unless you do something really stupid, like pull really evil pranks on him.
One might call him a "lone wolf", in that he does have trust issues, but he respects those around him, especially those who have proven themselves. He is also detail oriented, and has a tendency to be overly nit-picky. He takes his job very seriously, and expects the same from his colleagues. There is a time and a place for everything with him, and work is not the time, or place, for foolery.
He also has a tendency to not let things go, especially mistakes he's made in the past. One might say he suffers a bit from "survivor's guilt" because of some incidents in his past, which you will find out about in the book.

In general, he likes to wear loose, but comfortable clothing, usually in earthy tones. He also usually wears a beret-style hat that was a gift to him from the previous Head Elf. You could almost say that it's a "constant reminder" of the past. And no, he does not like pointy shoes, so don't even ask about them.

His favorite color is probably either green or brown, depending on his mood.
He's not a fan of flowers, and isn't really into sugary foods, but does enjoy hot cocoa.
His favorite food is probably pizza, because you can eat it on the go without too much mess.

His favorite part of the job? That would probably be getting travel. He doesn't just stay inside North Pole City, but makes regular inspections of the outlying outposts, stations, and cities associated with the North Pole Organization.


Dena is the head of the Security League. She is a younger looking elf. She looks like she's about fourteen in human years, with longish light, brown hair. Her eyes are a nice hazel in color, and she has a clear complexion. In general, she likes to wear darker colored clothes that are easy to move in, in case she needs to do a bit of "butt kicking". As a security chief, you never know.
Dena was voted "the most friendly" as a child, and tends to like being friendly to all around her, unless you're on the wrong side of the law. If that happens, watch out. Competent and down to earth, Dena sees more than she lets on, knows more than she'll admit, and lets things slide that she probably shouldn't, so long as they're minor infractions. She also likes sweets, especially chocolate.

Dena uses her elf magic to help her discern the hearts of those around her, as well as helping to diffuse difficult situations through emotional manipulation. She likes to keep people a bit off guard at times, just to keep an edge on the situation. And her quarters and office show that taste. She uses bold, and sometimes clashing colors in her decor, simply to put people off their guard when they're visiting the Security League offices.

Also quite technologically advanced, Dena likes to economize her space with computers built into her desks, using touch screen technology. She's also a great strategic planner, and excellent at running scenarios.

In her off time, Dena likes to read or spend time in nature. It is her goal to read every last book in the massive library inside North Pole City (which, I'm told, rivals the Library of Congress for collection size). She also likes low key gatherings and parties, always keeping a firm hand, to make sure things don't get out of control.

Clarence admits that Dena could take him down at any time, which is more than true. Dena has studied various forms of martial arts, as well s different combat techniques and all forms of fighting. She works out regularly, keeping a low but healthy weight.

As the head of the Security League, Dena makes up the fourth member of the North Pole Council, with an equal say with the Head elf, the Head of Operations, and the Emergency Replacement Specialist. She often will defer, however, on decisions, unless it is necessary to cast a deciding vote, or break any conflict between members of the Council. She is also an acting member of the League Councils.

In general, Dena keeps a reputation of "doing what she wants", but mostly because what she chooses to do is for the good of all inside the North Pole Organization. Marching to her own drum, Dena's sense of ethics and justice are at a higher standard than most, with the added sense of mercy to smooth over things that are trivial. Over all, she's one great gal that you would rather have on your side than not. 

Santa Claus

All things said, a story about Christmas elves would not be complete without the jolly man in red. Santa Claus, in my world's view of things, is similar to that of the Disney movie, The Santa Clause, except that instead of having some card stuck in the suit that some hapless stranger can find, then put on the suit and become the Head Elf, the next Claus is carefully screened by the North Pole Council before being invited to North Pole City. That being said, the current Santa, in our story, has been at the job for a good number of years. I can't say exactly how many, but enough for him to be on friendly terms with all the elves in the Organization, and to know them all by name.
In general, Santa is an easy going individual. Sporting the usual long beard and mustache look that is classic in the traditional sense, Santa also has hazel-brown eyes that twinkle merrily. His sense of humor is vast, and it takes a lot to get under his skin. It seems, most of the time, that his patience is infinite. It is very rare for him to loose his temper, something that probably hasn't happened in years.

Our current incarnation is a widower, his wife having died before being offered the position as the Head Elf. But the appointment couldn't have come at a better time for him, as it filled the void that his wife left behind, especially since they'd had no children.

Having lived for some time, Santa has acquired a great deal of knowledge and wisdom. He likes to "rely on his gut instincts" a lot. These intuitions are usually backed by Dena, and tend to be right. Introspective and thoughtful, he takes calculated risks, not random chances. And he knows how to coax others along. His listening ear is immeasurable, which is probably part of why he gets along with everyone so well.

Santa likes his milk and cookies. There's no getting around that. But this current Head Elf does not like smoking at all. He thinks it's a nasty habit, even if he does keep around an antique pipe. It's more for sentimental sake than for anything else. He also likes his pasta. When it comes to a mean bowl of fettuccine, he can eat anyone under the table, though he'll probably regret it later.

Out of the reindeer, his favorite is probably one named Sparky, who usually doesn't get much mention, probably because he's a mini, as far as things goes, and will never fly the sleigh. But Sparky is different, which Santa can relate to. He's a champion of the underdog, which is probably why he does so well at his job. He's more than fair and is willing to give all a chance to prove themselves.


Marie is the Emergency Replacement Specialist, or, rather, she becomes the E.R.S. (Sorry for the spoilers. Promise I won't give too many away!)

Marie is the unknown quotient in Clarence's "perfect" equation to life. She is mysterious in that she keeps mostly to herself. (Whether out of a sense of self-preservation or something else, I'll let you decide when you read the book.)

In general, she is about five foot three inches tall, with long, dark hair that has natural red highlights. She is about average in build, with hazel-green eyes like bottomless pools, as Clarence would describe them. She likes to wear loose and flowing type clothing that is not restrictive in any way.

As for her personality, she's fairly easy to get along with, once you get past her outer shell. It would be very easy to call her introverted, because she is. She's not likely to ask for outside help, preferring to try and handle her problems on her own. She does have a bit of a temper on her, but only when provoked. And it usually takes a lot to provoke her. And she has the unfortunate habit of bottling her emotions. But, when push comes to shove, she has no problem standing up for herself, so long as she's not fearing for her life.

Marie has lived a life full of hard knocks and misfortunes. The idea that North Pole City offers peace and equality is kind of a new concept for her. As such, she is often overwhelmed by everything, and a bit unsure how to interact or respond to those around her. It would be safe to say that she has some trouble with believing in herself as an individual, something I think most people can relate to.

As far as favorites go, she likes pizza, the usual staples such as bread, milk eggs. Actually, there's probably not much she doesn't like, minus liver, the more exotic foods that involve creepy looking animals (ex. crawfish, most seafood, embryos, sardines, haggis, etc.), but she tries to eat healthy. She does have a sweet tooth, mostly for ice cream related desserts, including frozen custard, frozen yogurt, and Italian ice.


Rachel is the Head Medic of the Medical League in North Pole City, which is located in the Medical Department section of the Main Office Complex. It's her job to look after the physical, emotional, and mental well being of all who live within the City, as well as the outlying territories, outposts, and other areas associated with the North Pole Organization.

Appearing to be around thirteen or fourteen years old in human years, Rachel is on the shorter side, probably around five foot even, or a little less. She is petite but exudes a sense of health and well-being. She has light colored hair and light blue eyes. Her cheeks are generally always rosy with health.

Speaking of her personality, she's got a bit of "salt and pepper" to her. She's a no-nonsense kind of girl, especially when it comes to her job. She doesn't put up with shenanigans, especially those that could jeopardize the health or safety of any under her care. She also isn't afraid of much, with the possible exception of dogs. She's not a fan. Long story. When it comes to business, she's as serious as can be, with just the right touch of bed manner to soothe the most irate of patients. Just don't cross her and you'll be fine.

In general, she likes to wear high heels, or other shoes that will make her look taller. (She gets a lot of comments over her height.) While at work, she sports a white lab coat over casual wear. Outside of work, she's more of a skirt or dress kind of person. She's an avid reader, mostly of romance novels (clean romance novels), and likes the quiet life where she can just relax when not on duty. As for d├ęcor, she's contemporary in style.

Like most elves, she enjoys a good cup of hot cocoa, but prefers orange juice over all other beverages. She also favors a healthy diet of mostly fruits and vegetables, with limited portions of carbs and proteins.


Sandra is the personal secretary to the Head Elf. She's in charge of all the records kept inside the Main Office Complex. Most of those files are related to the various children around the world, as well as their status on the "List", and any personal requests from them for various gifts, etc.

Sandra is very loyal but not always practical. She's also sometimes a bit clueless, though not in a bad way. In general, she's fairly observant. She has no problem taking charge when she has to, but usually prefers not to. She likes being a secretary because it means she doesn't have to be the one leading.

As Santa's personal secretary, she is highly trusted, and is sometimes called in to consult on various matters of importance, though she usually defers to the Head Elf, or to Clarence.

As far as physical appearance goes, she's a blonde, though only in appearance. (She's actually quite intelligent.) Appearing to be around fifteen in human years, she's a little more on par with her superiors for height, standing about five foot four, with gray eyes. She likes to wear casual clothes, usually loose fitting pants with peasant style blouses.

Her favorite color is yellow, and her favorite food is ice cream with caramel sauce. She likes a good action novel, but prefers to not be in the midst of all the action when any occurs.
All right, friends, readers, and those who are simply just curious, here is the last character introduction for my new book, The Unknown Elf. (Don't forget you can pre-order it in eBook format at Smashwords, Amazon, and Goodreads. Paperback version coming soon as well.)


 (or simply referred to as either Dovan, or Mr. Dovan)

Dovan is an adult male, human, probably in his late forties to mid fifties (approximately). He has a look of charm and is quite debonaire, when he wants to be. Inside, he's not so pretty. Standing about average height, Dovan has dark hair and eyes, with an obsessive personality. It's very safe to say he's a bit off his rocker. Okay, a LOT off his rocker.

Dovan definitely has a few screws loose, with little or no moral values to his name. He doesn't care who he hurts in his quest for "revenge", though I personally think it's more of a personal vendetta that has little to do with revenge. That's just his excuse.

Having been in a few mental institutions, Dovan finally escaped and set up base in an abandoned warehouse somewhere in either America or Canada. (You can guess which when you read the book.) He has a few faithful followers were, more than likely, brainwashed into helping him out, or were convicts or fellow mental patients he helped boost. Not much is really known about them, and it's probably better that way.

Dovan is considered ruthless and clinically insane. (Did I say that already?) Approach with extreme caution. He carries both a gun and a knife that he called "Betty", which was his mother's name.

As far as family goes, they're all dead. He was an only child. His father committed suicide and his mom died after a long battle with cancer.

Always a bit more on the rebel side, Dovan took both their deaths hard, especially when his father blamed "certain people" for his mother's death. In the end, his dad was definitely off his rocker, which probably didn't help keep his son on his.

I would give away more, but that would be telling you too much. Read the story to find out exactly what this guy is really like, and don't be surprised if you want to slap him a time or two. I did just from writing him.

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