Class and Workshop Offerings

List of available Presentations and workshops

For Elementary School children:

Self-Esteem with Bob the Dinosaur (Grades K-4)

Everyone has a hard time with self-esteem at one point or another. Let's face it, we're all different and it's sometimes hard to see past how different we are from others, and why that makes us special. Through the story of Bob the Littlest Dinosaur, Karlie Lucas explores the feelings we might feel when we don't fit it, and how we can look at those differences to show us just how amazing we really are.

Accepting Others, a lesson from Bob the Dinosaur (Grades K-4)

We often find it hard to relate to those who are different, but let's face it, we're all different! Everyone wants to feel accepted, but we sometimes find it hard to accept others because they aren't like us, but if we look inside, we'll see we're all the same. We each have something unique to give to the world and it's great when others can see that. Karlie Lucas helps each student explore how accepting others is just as important as accepting yourself.

For Older Elementary, Middle, Junior, and High School students:

World Building: Creating Fictitious Places (Grades 4-12)

Who hasn't wanted to create a fictitious world of their own, if for no other reason than to escape reality? World Building is the foundation of creating a convincing story. Without the environment in which a story is told, the story would be flat and boring. This workshop focuses on the creation of unique worlds, complete with ecosystems, plant and animal life, as well as the laws of physics. And while we're at it, why not create a map to show exactly where everything is? Karlie Lucas discusses the importance of place in writing, and making it believable to the world and story behind it, while encouraging each student to create their own.

Elements of a Story (Grades 4-12)

Every story has basic elements that make it work. Without those basic elements, everything would just come crumbling down. Karlie Lucas discusses these building blocks, along with the basic plot types and how they work in different genres. She encourages students to share their favorite basic plots and stories that use them.

Creating and Developing a Character (Grades 4-12)

Every character should be as unique as a snowflake, just like in reality. The basic elements of character creation may be the same, but no two are. Karlie Lucas explores the different elements of character creation and development, encouraging the students to create their own.

Other presentation/workshop offerings:

20 min. interactive Story Time (PreK-Grade 2)
Discussions of author's books in class (Grade 6-12)
Author Q and A (Grades 3-12)

*Class/workshop times can be adjusted as needed.
*Custom Programs/Keynotes Available - just ask!